ItemUpdating y

Hi ravedome, The ItemUpdated event will be only fired, when an item's Update button is clicked or the UpdateItem method is called, so make sure you have Update button (which means a button with CommandName='Update'). If you do updating manually using your own way, ItemUpdated event won't be fired. P. Si tiene un receptor de evento ItemUpdated o ItemUpdating y causa una actualización del artículo, ¿cómo puede evitar que se active otro evento ItemUpdated y ItemUpdating durante la actualización? A. Antes de realizar la actualización, llame DisableEventFiring(). Después de la actualización, llame a EnableEventFiring(). Register a new EventReceiver for ItemUpdating. It will save previous field values. In ItemUpdating save a field value from before properties of the field to afterProperties of the hidden field. In ItemUpdated compare afterProperties of the wanted field with the after properties of the hiddenField; 2. Registering event receivers inside a feature ... Net formview itemupdating . Rated 3.93 /5 based on 790 customer reviews An old friend of mine, Joe Shook, laughingly said, “you should read what other people write too once in a while.” Of course, he was right and naturally I do. I read almost everything I can get in my hands including technical books, blogs, and articles because I am ... Controls / Grid / Server Side Programming / Events. ItemUpdated Event. Fired when an automatic update operation is executed. Event Parameters (object) sender The control that fires the event (GridUpdatedEventArgs) e Event arguments Keep in mind, that depending on whether your event receiver runs on a list or library you may need to use different properties (see this link for more info).Assuming you are in the ItemUpdating method running on a list, all you should need is:. base.ItemUpdating(properties); properties.AfterProperties['InternalName'] = 1; Tag: SharePoint - Development and Programming ItemUpdating or ItemUpdated ? SharePoint Products and Technologies; 5. Can't search within PDF files Running regular Windows 2003 Web Server Ed. 32-bit for all roles except db which is Std Ed. running SQL 2003 sp4. Tag: SharePoint - Development and Programming ItemUpdating or ItemUpdated ? In the case of the ItemUpdating event, it is possible to get the previous value by using the properties.ListItem property and in the AfterProperties, we will be able to get the updated value. The behavior of BeforeProperties and AfterProperties are different for list and document library in SharePoint 2013. I've got some code I need to run in an ItemUpdated event receiver method, but only if the value in specific column changed during the update.. My initial thought is to also implement some code to grab the BEFORE value int the ItemUpdating event and stash it in a member variable.. My worry about that is that I can't find a reliable source to reassure me that the same instance of my ... Many of us have used BeforeProperties and AfterProperties while working with Event Receiver, but we don't know how and when to use these properties while accessing the data/field value.

A story about tournaments...

2020.10.23 02:17 The-Workplace A story about tournaments...

TLDR: Got smashed by toxic SL smurfs. Read below for details! I'd love to hear from others who may have had similar experiences.
I'm sure this'll get lost/ignored, but I just wanted to share my experience. It really got me tilted and I thought it's a good example of how smurfing has such a bad impact on the integrity of matchmaking.
Earlier this week, I finally had the time to try playing a tournament. I was done with work and errands for the day, and my wife and kids were happily occupied. So I was excited! I'd played a few before, but it's hard solo queueing and getting matched with randoms every time, and of course life likes to get in the way of fun things. Obviously I'd love to get some cool black market items from the tournament rewards, but more importantly I want to get that beautiful "Season 1 Tournament Winner" tag I see occasionally! (And I need to get in the quarter finals 4 times for that stupid season challenge...)
I was C2div1 in 3s before the update, and I've since managed to claw my way back to C1div2. Mechanically, I'm average at best, but I have excellent positioning and like to think I'm good at setting up teammates. All this to say, I think C1 is what I deserve, and I know I'm nowhere near the top. But since I'm C1, I play in champ tournaments, which makes sense. My opponents and teammates had always seemed to be around my skill level, but I'd only played about 6 or 7 tournament games because I'd never made it past round 2.
This week as I joined the tournament, I was ready to give it my best shot as usual but also prepared to lose quickly again. To my surprise, my random teammates and I actually clicked pretty well in our first game, and we won relatively easily. The second round game was more difficult, but we managed a nice comeback to win in overtime. Somehow, we also won the quarter finals and then the semi finals! I was so close to getting that winner tag, I could taste it. As we loaded into the finals pre-match lobby, however, I was immediately concerned.
The first thing I noticed was that the other team was a 3-queue (since they had a real team name instead of the generic randomly generated ones). Generally, people queued together will have better communication than randoms, but that's not such a big deal, right? Then, I looked at everyone's MMR. On my team, everyone had about 1350 MMR, which corresponds to a rank of low to mid C2. One person on the other team had about the same as us, and the other two had ~1000, which corresponds to mid to high D1. I also noticed that those two players had brand new Epic accounts with no tags, the default profile picture, and short, single word names. They were also using stocktanes. In team chat, I jokingly told my teammates, "How much you wanna bet these two are smurfs?"
As the first game began (semi finals and finals are best of 3 if you didn't know), I could instantly tell these were not D1s. I think anyone in champ and above would be able to recognize that pretty quickly. I could also tell they weren't even close to C1 or C2, where I have been for quite a while. My only frame of reference for super high MMR lobbies is playing against an 1800 GC in a private match once. He basically 1v3'd me and two other people who were D2 at the time, without breaking a sweat. I'm a little better than D2 nowadays, but that's pretty much what those two guys were doing with my team in the tournament. We could barely even touch the ball.
After (obviously) losing the first game, I said "Nice smurfs, why don't you go play against your own rank" in the post-game lobby. I guess I shouldn't have done that because then they said something to the effect of 'yeah we already won a supersonic legend tourney, so we don't care.' In the second game, they went full tryhard mode, constantly flaming us with quick chats and calling us shitters and trash. Needless to say, we lost pretty handily in that game, and I lost all motivation to try winning any other tournaments. Perhaps I just got unlucky in that the first time I ever got to a tournament final, the other team was two SL smurfs carrying their (probably boosted) C1 friend to victory. But I have a sneaking suspicion that smurfing in tournaments happens on much larger scale than you might think, despite all the people who somehow refuse to believe it exists. Again, this was just my experience, but what are the odds of that only happening the one time I'm able to play a tournament?
I was pretty mad that night, but I'm over it now. I just won't be playing any more tournaments. So I guess I just want to say congrats to those two smurfs who felt the need to shit on our team and probably everyone else they went up against. (For reference, the difference between SL and C2 is like the difference between C2 and P2.) Congrats to the guy who needed two SL's to carry him because he'd never have a chance of winning legitimately (he only had like 50 points in each game) - you must be proud of your accomplishment. And thanks to Psyonix for allowing such obvious matchmaking disparities to exist with no recourse for players to do anything about it. Just so everyone knows, based on the MMR I got from getting 2nd place in that tournament, those smurfs will be able to continue playing with the same guy and ruining others' enjoyment for at least 7 more tournaments. So much fun!
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2020.10.23 02:14 barkerjc66 [MAIN] 21318 Treehouse - 88 spots at $3/ea

10/22 @ 8 PM
Item Name Set Number: 21318 Ideas Treehouse
Lego Price: $199.99 + NC tax= $215
Shipping: $49 (insured, highest to zone 8)
Raffle Total/Spots: $266, 88 @ $3/ea
Price justification? Retail
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? N
Duration of spot limit? NA
Location(Country): US
Will ship international? Y, winner pays difference.
Description: Ideas Treehouse
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.

PayPal Info:

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 47
Number of unpaid users: 10
Number of unpaid slots: 41
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 bigdisneyguy
2 ninjawit
3 Baboyah
5 Xterminator5
6 VR38-R35
8 Xterminator5
11 Baboyah
12 Xterminator5
16 Xterminator5
17 VR38-R35
20 bigdisneyguy
22 Nawojski26
23 Abedzzz
24 HorizonXP
29 Abedzzz
30 Nawojski26
32 Abedzzz
33 Abedzzz
38 VR38-R35
48 bigdisneyguy
50 Baboyah
51 Xterminator5
53 Abedzzz
56 Baboyah
59 Baboyah
62 Xterminator5
64 HorizonXP
66 Nawojski26
71 Baboyah
72 bigdisneyguy
75 Nawojski26
78 Baboyah
79 bigdisneyguy
80 Xterminator5
81 Abedzzz
83 Baboyah
84 Xterminator5
85 stollba
86 stollba
87 Nawojski26
88 baboyah

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2020.10.23 02:09 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - October 22nd Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - October 22nd Update
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are only one week into our Anniversary Season and with the amount of content already released, and events going on, it already feels like so much has gone down. We’ve had millions of players party it up in The Club, battle to escape Alcatraz, and collect a variety of new loot, weapons, characters, and gear! It has been thrilling to see you all finally interact with everything we’ve been working on.
We spent the last update thanking the general community and playerbase in every other paragraph, so no more compliments for you all 😉, but thank you for the widespread love and support around this release. Seeing our developer’s community messages shared around all corners of the community, and in a positive light, has been humbling and made us once again feel very grateful to have you all.
With this update we have a variety of different events to highlight and many of which are Halloween themed, but we first wanted to share our brand-new S11 events trailer (released today) to give you a glimpse of most of the major events coming this season! Take a look.
This update isn’t quite as massive as last week, but there is still plenty to discuss. Let’s jump in below and go over everything launching over this next week and some of the usual feedback & bug reports.
Here is a quick look at all of the new events starting today and a few other new ones already running:
  • 10/21 ~ Survival Kit Seasonal Challenge
  • 10/23 ~ Elite Marksmen Seasonal Challenge
    • Grab the first ever explosive sniper rifle, the NA-45
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Halloween Standoff Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King’s Quarters Event (MP)
    • New map, new rewards, and more competitive combat
  • 10/23 – 10/29 ~ King 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 10/26 – 11/01 ~ Attack of the Undead Playlist (MP)
*All Dates UTC
Before we jump into any of this week’s topics, we wanted to discuss shadows, secrets, and ciphers. The shifting balance of power in a match of chess - and we are all the pawns. Head to PawnTakesPawn to learn how to find secret codes, or redeem any codes you have already found.
Rewards can be found everywhere in this Anniversary Season of Call of Duty: Mobile, that’s part of the celebration, but there are some unique ones that can only be found through hidden codes. Best of luck to all of those seeking these out and be sure to try searching in a loud place filled with other players.
Halloween Events Something spooky has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile and no it isn’t the original and overpowered version of the Molotov Cocktail. Starting today, Halloween events have begun to crawl their way to the surface and with a variety of different options available to try right now!
Currently, these events are almost entirely focused around Multiplayer, but don’t worry Battle Royale fans – there is more coming and specifically for BR. Check out all of these Spooktacular events launching now (or soon) below and get ready for more to come just before All Hallows' Eve.
Pumpkin Confirmed One thing that we’ve heard time and time again across 2020 is why don’t we just turn the dog tags in Kill Confirmed into Pumpkins? Okay, maybe that was just us thinking of fun ways to adjust some beloved modes, like Kill Confirmed, for Halloween.
This is a variant of Kill Confirmed is both a playlist and a featured event! It will be available on a variety of maps listed below, but surprise…it is also 10v10 Kill Confirmed! Now you can combine your love of 10v10 mode with the Halloween theme and Kill Confirmed.
There is one main featured event for these Halloween events and it is also called Pumpkin Confirmed (just like the playlist). For this event you just need to collect pumpkins (dog tags) or play on the Halloween standoff map through that separate Playlist. There are nine tasks focused around completing different tiers of those objectives and here are the main rewards for completing them:
  • (Epic) Charm - Pumpkin Smile
  • (Rare) Weapon - DL Q33 - Jack O' Lantern
  • (Rare) Weapon - MSMC - Jack O' Lantern
  • (Rare) Sticker – Deadlocks
Halloween Standoff This original Halloween map from back in October of 2019 is returning and available on a variety of different Multiplayer modes. You can explore the frightening but also delightfully decorated streets of Halloween Standoff in the modes TDM, DOM, Hardpoint, KC, Attack of the Undead, and Cranked.
If you weren’t around the first time this map released, make sure to check it out now to see why it has been continually brought in discussions and requested throughout the year…even during time periods where it would make no sense to bring out a Halloween map haha. We will always appreciate the excitement though, even if you request Halloween Standoff on Christmas!
Attack of the Undead We have seen many requests for Attack of the Undead to return around Halloween and we hope you can imagine how hard it was not to blurt out “don’t worry, it is on the way!”. There are no specific events tied to this one but is available in both the Halloween Standoff Playlist and its own Attack of the Undead Playlist. Enjoy it and we hope it feels perfect for the Halloween season!
World Championship 2020 Playoffs – North America While we are gearing up to release a variety of events themed around Halloween or the Anniversary celebration, there is also a little thing called the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships 2020 going on 😉. Teams from LATAM, Brazil, Japan, Western Europe, and the Other regions have all fought it out over the past month and now we are at the last battle for this stage: North America.
You can find all of that starting for North America this weekend with Day 1 at 11:30 AM PT on Saturday October 24th and Day 2 at 11:30 AM PT on Sunday October 25th! You can primarily find that on our global YouTube channel. The tournaments have been amazing to see so far, with so many passionate players battling it out, coming up with impressively effective tactics, and showing their competitive spirit in the best of ways.
Speaking of which, a huge shout-out to all of the teams that played in the recently completed Western Europe Regional Playoffs and in particular a huge congratulations to the winners – Team Kingsclanios! Check out this interview with Naarkz from Kingclanios, who received the Sony Xperia MVP title:
King Is Here We mentioned this new Multiplayer map quite a lot last week in the update focused around the release, but this time we just wanted to say that it is now available to try for all of your competitive needs in the King 24/7 Playlist! There is also an event tied to it where you can acquire a variety of rewards just for playing and getting kills on this map.
Quick recap, but this small and balanced map is available only for Gunfight and 1v1 Duel. It is designed for those tense, precise, and sweat inducing modes that many love. Make sure to check it out and get a glimpse of the full map in our latest flyby video!
Now Available – NA-45 Sniper Rifle To recap our post from last week, the NA-45 is the first ever CODM sniper rifle with explosive rounds! Every other shot you fire triggers explosive damage that can hit multiple players. To balance this powerful ability, the overall damage of a single shot is lower than other snipers but precision shots (headshots) can still take down an enemy in one hit. Check it out in action
This new weapon is available in two days, through a seasonal challenge called Elite Marksman and through the newest lucky draw (also launching today) – Thorned Rose Draw.
If you prefer to jump straight in and grab a blueprint, then just grab the NA 45 – Lycanthrope with its unique and deadly looking kill effect. We’ve made it appropriate for Halloween and it is with some other new items or characters, like Ruin – Bone Warrior. Take a look!
One last note on this weapon, but since it is a brand-new weapon we will not be allowing it in the North American Regional Playoffs occurring this weekend for the World Championships. We’ve had a few questions about this and we don’t feel it is appropriate to have a weapon that has been out for just a single day be included in a competitive scenario like that. People need to time to learn and adjust to the weapon, but our teams also need time to observe and make balance changes before it can affect an official competition or tournament.
Bug Reports While we are still hard at work looking into a variety of different bugs, including some new ones that seemed to have only cropped after this new season released, we have already put out a hotfix! Here are some quick notes on what was changed in that:
  • NA-45: Damage reduced
  • DLQ33: Reload speed increased
  • HG40: Firing range reduced, damage at medium range reduced, and other adjustments
Battle Royale
  • NA-45: Damage reduced and bullet velocity reduced
  • Purifier: Damage enhanced slightly, players can now cancel Reload animation
  • Tempest: Damage and damage radius enhanced slightly, weapon fire charging time decreased
  • Attachments for shotguns
    • Sawed-Off Barrel (-2): Negative effect of reducing firing range has been mitigate
    • Extended Barrel (+2): Active effect of enhancing firing range has been weakened
  • Attachments for the NA-45
    • High Explosive Ammo: The explosion range of the ammo -10%
  • Attachments for the Fennec
    • Extended Mag: clip size extended
Not mention above are dozens of bugs that have also been fixed but aren’t as clear to call-out, like issues many players reported with the Anniversary Machine not working on the day of release, some rare crashes in BR, HUD and UI issues, and many others. We’ll keep it at, just keep reporting them!
Unable to Shoot Enemy Players We are looking into a variety of reports about hitboxes disappearing for enemy players in Multiplayer matches. This means that they can no longer be hit by normal weapons and most players experiencing this issue have reported that only explosives or area damage can still dish out damage. So far there hasn’t been any clear reason this is happening, like this only occurs every time you use the H.I.V.E. Operator Skill or every time you die while performing an emote.
If you are seeing this issue please continue to reach out with any video clips and we’ll forward that to our team along with any information you provide, like your device type, how it occurs, on what map, in what mode, and anything else that may be relevant to tracking this one down. Thanks to those who have already worked on reporting this up!
Players’ Weapons and Items Disappearing This incredibly and hopefully extremely rare bug has been presented as something where mid MP match you’ll lose access to any weapons or items. The HUD/UI will show no weapons or items and you’ll just be running around helpless. We’ve also tried to reproduce this one, but like the previous issue it has no clear cause or action that causes it to occur.
First off, sorry to anyone who runs into this one and especially in Ranked matches, but please report on over what you were doing before this started occurring. Similarly, it would be great to know what mode you are in, if it was Ranked, and on what map. Were you trying to perform a Gravity Spike smash right before it happened? Great information to know. Anything like that may help us figure it out. It is all appreciated.
Support Options Lastly, we have the usual message about please go to these player support areas to report bugs in general. Of course, for this update we just asked about two specific bugs and we’ll be checking community areas for information on those, but these areas below are truly the best places to go for individual bugs that may not be widespread or may just be specific to you.
Final Notes While you may have seen it already, there have been many giveaways going on through community areas for anniversary and congratulations to the over 100 players who have already won various rewards through community events, like Adler, Ghost – Loose Ends, COD Points, and some credits. Shoutout to the many community leaders who coordinated with us to help run these giveaways.
However, we have plenty of other events planned throughout the season, both inside and outside of the game! Some of which may be popping up through our social media channels soon with a chance to win some rare and unique weapons or characters, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.
Speaking of events, next week we’ll have some more Halloween news to share, more Season Challenges to highlight, a recap of the North America Regional Playoffs, and of course that fabled credit store update featuring the Man O War - Cardinal! We are also very excited to be able to share (soon) our first ever video focused around stories from across the international Call of Duty: Mobile community.
Lastly, we’ll be on the lookout for some new community highlights to share, more feedback and bug reports to address, and more fantastic CODM memes to fuel us through the week. Take care and see you then!!
- The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
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2020.10.23 02:08 AutoModerator General Questions Thread, October 23, 2020

A thread for new collectors to ask basic questions of the community.
Frequently Asked Questions below!
A longer version of the subreddit rules is here.
For questions specifically concerning bootlegs or vendor legitimacy, please ask in the Bootleg Megathread.
NSFW & Spoiler Guidelines
  • For Self Posts: include a bolded NSFW note next to links in that post.
  • For Links to sites/images: If the figure is NSFW, or the website has any NSFW content (including ads) be sure to tag your post NSFW and use the appropriate link flair.
Any collection posts containing bootlegs, comments advocating buying bootlegs, or links to sites selling bootlegs, recasts, or unlicensed merchandise will be removed.
People often ask about the legitimacy and/or safety of a number of websites which sell large resin statues. The more commonly-asked of those deal primarily in resins from studios which do not have a license from the Japanese IP holders to produce merchandise. Therefore links to those sites are not permitted here. Another sign is if MyFigureCollection doesn't list the either the statue, its manufacturer, or the shop it's being sold on.
My Figure Collection is like MyAnimeList... but for figures! Their database includes thousands of items which been produced during the last couple of decades, along with reviews of shops and other helpful articles. One can also list their own collection and post gallery photos.
AmiAmi HobbySearch Mandarake (sells rare figures) Good Smile Company Online Shop (often has exclusives) Good Smile Company US shop Crunchyroll Shop Hobby Link Japan (aka HLJ) Solaris Japan (MFC partner) Big in Japan (also has proxy service) Tokyo Otaku Mode FigureHaven Archonia (EU retailer) Jungle
List of retailers on MFC
/AnimeFigures' List of Retailers
Community Guide to Shopping in Japan
Nekomagic (News/Previews) NyaaFigurines (Reviews/Releases) Kahotan's Blog (News/Reviews) Figma Blog (JP)

Buying & Shipping

1. What’s the best place to buy my anime figures from?
That’s going to depend a lot on what works for you, but most people around here buy them from Amiami, Big in Japan, Hobby Search, HobbyLink Japan, or Tokyo Otaku Mode. If none of those work for you for whatever reason, there’s a list of reputable retailers in the sidebar that you can check out at any time. Be extra careful when ordering figures from websites like Amazon or ebay, as there are a lot of bootlegs on those sites. Don’t be afraid to ask in our Bootleg Megathread if you’re unsure.
2. What differences are there between the shipping options I get from most Japanese shops?
Below is a rundown of the main shipping choices you’ll get at most retailers. Keep in mind that if an order is large enough you will be forced to use one of the more expensive options, as SAL shipments have lower size and weight restrictions.
  • Unregistered SAL: Sometimes referred to as uSAL, is usually the cheapest method. It does not come with any tracking or insurance. Usually takes up 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Registered SAL: Sometimes referred to as rSAL, is insured for the declared value up to 6,000 yen. It comes with a tracking number and usually takes 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • EMS: This method of shipping is much faster than either SAL options, usually arriving within a week of shipment. EMS shipments are insured for the declared value up to 2,000,000 yen.
  • Airmail
  • E-packet
  • Surface: Shops don't offer this very often. It's an actual cargo ship and slow as a result.
  • DHL: Becoming more available as an alternative to EMS on AmiAmi and other sites. Can be less expensive than EMS and of comparable speed, but may be more reliant on the specific geographical area being shipped to. Offers their own tracking.
3. I placed two+ orders for figures at different times. Will my items be shipped together, or will I have to pay shipping twice?
Most shops will ask you to pay shipping on a per-order basis, but here are some that will allow combined shipping:
  • Amiami: You can combine orders here, as long as the orders ship in the same month. It doesn’t matter if the item is new or preowned. Any preorders that are set for that month can also be combined with other orders for that month. However, be aware that if the preorder gets delayed, Amiami will remove that item from that month’s shipment and place it on a new order. To combine orders on Amiami, use the “Combine Orders” feature under “My Account”.
  • Hobby Search: Hobby Search will let you combine orders that release in the same month, but you cannot combine in stock items with preorders. If you want to combine multiple preorders, or multiple in stock items, you can do so using the “Order Recombination” feature on your account page.
  • HobbyLink Japan: At HLJ, you have the option to send paid orders to their “Private Warehouse”, where you can store them for up to 2 months. When you’re ready to ship the items, you simply select which items to ship and HLJ will combine them into one shipment for you. To use this, just select the “Private Warehouse” option as shipping when you order.
  • GSC Web Shop: Here you’ll pay a flat 2,000 yen fee per order. It doesn’t matter how many items you put in your order, or how many different months the items release in. They will charge you 2,000 yen and ship all items as they release. The exception to this rule is their Wonder Festival exclusive items. Those can only be placed in the same order as other Wonder Festival items.
If you’re unsure about whether or not a shop we haven’t listed will combine your orders, please refer to their individual FAQ’s.
4. When will I get charged for my preorder?
Most Japanese shops charge you once the item is in stock and ready for shipment. When that happens, they will send you an email asking for payment. Some shops (mostly overseas ones), will allow you to pay for the item up front though, if you’d like. A few with that option are:
  • Big in Japan (Japanese store)
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Anime Island
  • Crunchyroll
Keep in mind that overseas stores will likely get the figure a few months after Japanese ones, so pay attention to the release date stated on the website you are buying from so as to avoid that confusion.
5. Should I expect to pay customs fees when importing figures?
That depends on where you live. Here’s a quick rundown:
  • Australia: 10% GST is now assessed up front.
  • Canada: Minimum declared value for charges is around CAD$20 for regular shipments, and CAD$60 for gifts (gifting something only seems to lower the declared value by about CAD$40, not deplete it completely). When using Amiami, try their Small Air Packet option. It comes with tracking, gets there in about the same time as EMS, and is better at avoiding customs.
  • Europe: Using EMS raises your chance of getting charged for customs. SAL can still avoid customs in some countries, but generally gets checked in the UK now if the items are above the threshold. Amiami offers a shipping service called “Small Air Packet” that is really good for avoiding customs when you are only shipping one or two figures. Small Air Packet usually takes about the same amount of time as EMS, and still comes with tracking.The minimum declared value for customs charges in the Europe is pretty low- around £15 (£36 for gifts) / €20.
  • Mexico: Minimum declared value for customs fees is USD$300 for shipments by post, and USD$50 for shipments by courier.
  • United States: A shipment has to have a declared value of USD$2,000 before customs starts hitting you with fees, so you most likely won’t have to worry about them at all.
6. The figure I want is an exclusive, how do I go about ordering one outside of Japan?
You have three options for this:
A. Big in Japan is known to stock exclusive figures and ship to other countries. Usually the price is higher because they build in their proxy fees, but it’s easier than worrying about using a forwarder or proxy service. If you live in the US, Crunchyroll, Right Stuf, and Tokyo Otaku Mode also get exclusives sometimes, but out of the states the shipping can get expensive.
B. Forwarding Services: A forwarder is someone who you ship an exclusive item to so that they can forward the package on to you, usually for a flat fee + shipping. When using a forwarder you still make the purchase yourself, and enter their address into the shipping field. When the box arrives at the forwarder they will then stick your address onto the package and send it on its way.
Some popular forwarders are:
Be sure to read each sites instructions on forwarding carefully!
C. Proxy Services: With a proxy, you tell them what the item you’re looking for is and they will purchase it in your stead. This is handy for when a company doesn’t accept foreign credit cards, or you’re having trouble navigating a Japanese website.
Some popular proxies are:
Again, be sure you thoroughly read through each sites proxy instructions.
7. I see a bunch of really cheap figures that ship from China on ebay. Are those okay to buy?
Generally, no. They’re most likely bootlegs. If you want a second opinion on that, feel free to ask in the Bootleg Megathread that’s always stickied at the top of the sub.
8. What’s a bootleg, and how can I avoid buying them?
A bootleg is a counterfeit figure often made using rejected molds of the official product. They are usually priced significantly lower than the genuine article, and in order to make their profit, bootleggers use lower quality materials and have less attention to detail- resulting in a substandard figure.
The Bootleg Megathread that I mentioned in question 7 is a great tool to avoid buying any bootlegs. It has a few tips and tricks to avoiding them to begin with, and a few more on how to spot them if you’re worried you might already own one.
9. Does anyone know when figure X is going to be released? How do I know if it was delayed?
My Figure Collection (sometimes referred to as MFC) does an excellent job of staying on top of information like release dates and delays. If you’re curious about an upcoming figures release date, check there first. This information can be found directly under the “Releases” section on a figure’s entry. If you only see a month and a year in that section, it means the release date has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, and there is still a chance the figure could be delayed.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
10. The figure I want is long sold out at normal retailers! What’s the best place to pick it up in the aftermarket?
A list of reputable retailers can be found under the “Shops” section of the /AnimeFigures sidebar. They all sell legitimate products, and many of them also sell figures second hand. However, the most frequently suggested second hand sites are Mandarake and Amiami- who has a preowned section that they update every night save Sundays and Japanese holidays around 1PM JST and again around 6PM JST.
AmiAmi grades their pre-owned items on a letter scale. The general consensus from buyers is that their ratings are conservative, so unless the item and/or packaging is specifically indicated as having significant flaws, pre-owned items from them are usually in at least as good a condition as their rating suggests.
Note: When you search Mandarake, you’ll get the best results by using the Japanese characters for whatever you are searching. If you don’t know them, you can find them on MFC by clicking on any of the “details” in that figure’s listing.
11. Amiami has a figure I’m interested in labeled as “For sale in Japan only”. Does this mean I can’t order it without a proxy or forwarder?
No, you can still order it. Amiami’s English site has that warning on many items, and it’s mostly meant to inform you that this product was made for a Japanese market, and as such, will have Japanese speaking/writing in it- so don’t expect any instructions to be in English. If Amiami doesn’t want foreigners buying a certain product, they won’t even list it on their English site.

Displaying Your Figures

12. What display cases do you recommend?
If you live near an Ikea try out one of these:
*If you decided on a Detolf, you might find that there is a lot of wasted space. Here are a few tutorials on raising the shelves or and adding extra ones in.
If you don’t live near an Ikea, Amazon has a few display options, though they are more expensive. Also keep an eye on your local Craigslist (or your country’s equivalent) and stores near you that are closing up.
13. What lighting do you guys recommend?
Ikea’s Dioder LED strips are often suggested. They come in white or muti-colored.
Most hardware stores carry something similar though, if you don’t live by an Ikea. Just make sure that the lights don’t get too hot!
14. What are those clear plastic boxes that I see under everyone’s figures in their collection posts, and where can I get them?
Those are called risers. Most of us use standard acrylic risers like these. Some other, easy to find things that have been suggested are:
Check your local hobby store for the first 2 options, or your local hardware store if you want to make your own.
Another common suggestion is to visit The Container Store if you have one near you. They have a lot of things to choose from that can suit a variety of needs. Be sure to check out their standard acrylic risers, their Amac boxes, and the various display cases they sell (baseball cases, mini car cases. hockey puck cases, etc).
15. Should I keep my figures sealed?
That is, of course, up to you really, but here are a few things to keep in mind when debating this question:
  • Keeping it sealed can actually damage your figure. PVC figures usually have something called plasticizer in them, and that plasticizer needs to be able to breath. If a PVC figure isn’t exposed to oxygen, after a period of time the plasticizer starts to break down and form a sticky substance on the surface of the figure. Simply opening your figures and taking them out of the box prevents this from happening. If you happen to find plasticizer goo on one of your figures, Kahotan has a handy guide for dealing with it.
  • Unlike some other figure markets, keeping an anime figure sealed won’t raise its value by a whole lot. In fact, because of the plasticizer problem mentioned above, your figure could actually be in better condition if you open it versus keeping it sealed.

Finding the Right Figure(s) for You

16. There are so many figure companies! Who makes good figures?!
Obviously this is a very subjective question, but as a general starting point, here are a few well renowned figure companies:
  • Alter
  • Max Factory
  • Good Smile Company
  • Kotobukiya (usually hit or miss for people. Use your best judgement based off of the prototype)
  • Aquamarine
  • Flare
  • Stronger
17. I really love “series X / character X”- how can I check if any figures were ever made for it?
My Figure Collection can be your best friend here. Simply do a search on the name of the series or character using the search bar located at the top right of the screen, and all associated figures pop up!
Alternatively, if you’re looking at a figure’s MFC entry, most of the text under the “Details” section can be clicked on and used to run a search.
18. How can I commission a custom figure?
None of the major figure companies (Alter, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, etc.) will take a commission for a single figure. This thread has a few websites in it that you can check out, or you can look into garage kits. Some kit painters would be willing to resculpt, frankenstein together, or otherwise modify kits for the right price.
If you're looking for help completing a garage kit, /brushforhire may be useful.

Keeping Up with New Announcements

19. How can I keep up with figure news (announcements, updates, etc.)?
Most people use a MFC combined with any or all of the following news sites:
To use MFC for this I’ll quote question #9.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
Most companies have one or more Twitter accounts. Some examples: Good Smile Company sales, Good Smile's USA branch, Max Factory, AmiAmi Hobby News.
20. Everyone’s excited about something called Wonfes….. what the heck is that?!
WonFes (short for Wonder Festival) is a biannual figure expo where many figure producers (both large and small) show off new sculpts and updates to figures already under way. Most companies save their most exciting announcements for WonFes, so we all look forward to the expo whenever it rolls around! Winter Wonder Festival is usually held in February, while Summer Wonder Festival is usually in July. The event has also spread to Shanghai, in the late spring.
21. One or two (or 15) figures were announced at WonFes that I’m really excited about! How can I keep track of their progress once the event is over?
MFC is always really quick about getting new WonFes announcements (or any others throughout the year, for that matter) listed in their database, so we suggest using that. To find a figure from the event you can search any number of things, including the name of the character or the name of the show. You can also use the tag search to search “WonderFestival 20xx_[season]” to see all items announced at that event.
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2020.10.23 01:55 MikuruX Save Wizard - Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Ver 15.02 "Incorrect Value" Fix

In this post, I will be helping those who have come across the "Incorrect Value" error within Monster Hunter World Iceborne as of the Version 15.02 update. Not much was added to this update outside of the VIP Fun Fright Ticket items.
:: Following Items Can be Kept After Using Save Wizard ::
- Velkhana Ticket - Fun Fright Ticket - VIP Fun Fright Ticket
:: Items That Need to Be Sold After using Save Wizard Cheats ::
- Black Bandana - Scarf Ticket - Buff Ticket+ - Zinogre Ticket - Brute Tigrex Ticket
- Buff Body a+ - Buff Body y+ - Kadachi Scarf - Sealed Dragon Cloth - Wyverian Ears - Duffel Penguin+ - Pearlspring+ - Skull Scarf - Leon+ - Claire+ - Clockwork a+ - Clockwork b+

I haven't touched this game after the Alatreon update popped so if something in my list is here that doesn't trigger the Incorrect Value error, please let me know.
:: Special Thanks to K & T Gaming for their 15.01 video to get me up to speed on things:
submitted by MikuruX to savewizard [link] [comments]

2020.10.23 01:51 PHDBR A short and long term solution to the "Empty world" problem in Genshin Impact

The following post intends to suggest a short term and long term solution to the late game lack of exploration/continued play stimuli and maybe even the Resin shudders issue.

Also, I would highly recommend reading:
I will be referring to some values calculated by u/Iracy7, in this post, while the weapon leveling value used in the final result is wildly incorrect (posted: 20 days, actual cost assuming max farm efficiency: 1\2days), the other values seem reasonable and will result in roughly) a month of farming to take a character from 0 to 70 with proper gear if you farm every single necessary resource at maximum efficiency every single day.

The problems for the people

There are currently several problems the community has found with the game so far but I will list the ones I'm aware of and trying to think of a way to solve with the help of the community.
  1. Resin: There are many complaints about the system, plenty of them involve the limit on meaningfull playtime being relegated to 10-50min
  2. Progression: People don't want to wait a month worth of time to grind their characters to their maximum achievable level. This also ties into resin in a way since exp and mora can be obtained through resin.
  3. Boredom: After around AR30 most chests have been found and enemy camps become scarce and unrewarding, there are no more oculi nor seelies to find and if you've finished the storyline available (~AR35) then the world feels completely empty in comparison to the initial GI experience.
TLDR: People want to play more of the game. There is no proper continuous gameplay loop (something you can keep doing indefinetely). And just asking people to roam around Teyvat trying to find mobs that have a low chance of dropping a 1* artifact does not caracterize a proper gameplay loop.

Mihoyo is a company and profit IS important

As pointed by u/Vartio the solutions must take the business side into account. I currently work as a Unreal/Unity dev and while 100mil is plenty of burst cash, its not something that will last forever while paying their 500-1k employees. Considering the minimum employee count and only 2000$ a month for each (very low for a lot of tech positions) this results in ~67 months of sustained development, since the game took around 3 years and 8 months to develop (44 months total) then this means they should have around 23 months of sustained development time from that money to further develop the game, and they must achieve profit to appease the higher ups.
It would be great to know the actual analytics of the game but I will proceed with this post considering the biggest draw for cash in this game are the character banners and not the use of genesis crystals -> primogens -> daily resin refills. I believe thats the case since the Resin is a daily refill of a resource that is not really aesthetically appealing and also require you to put effort and time (time is really key here) into converting such resource into what you are actually looking for (Artifacts/Exp/Boss drops/books) and that is after the genesis conversion to primogems. Meanwhile the banners have a conversion from genesis crystals to primogens(very fast) and then you are only 1 prompt away from a beautifully animated pull with usefull weapons for refinement/weapon exp and maybe a new/usefull/interesting character with gorgeous design and phenomenal voice acting that will either immediately strengthen your party if its a duplicate or make you extremely excited to try them out.
And thats where we hit a big issue. People can't try out new characters if they can't level them up. that is awfull for the money perspective. It takes away the point of the massive investment on the quality of these characters. I for once find Klee to be absolutely adorable and the basic attack that proc elements, effectively mine, destroy both geo and other fatui shields (not affected by the melee DMG reduction) make her a very attractive option as a party member. However, I can't afford to bring her up to speed with my current party, and having her get one shotted in the overworld makes me not even want to have her out in the field even for just exploration.
In short, Primogems are the most important resource for using the gacha system and I imagine thats where most of the money comes from, while character exp, artifacts and mora are the most important resources for advancing the game and making the overworld exploration worth it. Not having the advancing/leveling resources serves as a detriment to the desire of getting new characters. Thats less money. The rates are low enough that most F2Players are not gonna buy genesis crystals, but the value of the Blessing of the Welkin Moon (BWM) is probably enough to get the F2Players if they spend enough time in the game (I know I would purchase it every month as long as I'm playing).
I also believe rewarding extended play with more primogems (enough for a daily wish on top of the commission rewards) could maybe play enough into the banner urgency factor. F2Players that are close to their pity pull would maybe get the genesis crystals missing to hit the pity. In the current state buying genesis crystals require too much cash for too little reward for people with only 300$ of disposable income but 5h/day of disposable time, but the offer will be far more attractive if the exposure to the gacha system is more frequent. I know of at least 11 other players that will not touch the system untill another banner rolls in since they know they are not even close to having enough resources to hit the 5* pity counter in time. Reaching that edge of missing only 10 pulls while having only 5 hours left to purchase in the limited character banner is what I think will break the first purchase barrier for many. But that can only happen if they experience the gacha system more frequently.
TLDR: There is no point in getting new characters and spending money in the gacha system if players can't level that character up. You will not help many players break the first purchase barrier if they can't engage in the gacha system with enough frequency. Getting more people into spending is better for sustainability and extended development and there is much content still on the roadmap.


The way to solve these problems must encompass the desires of both the people and the company.
While many complain about the Resin System, plenty of the problems caused by it are due to the lack of availability of the resources obtained by spending resin.The biggest culprits when it comes to those resources are talent books and boss drops for ascension of the main party and character experience for newly acquired characters + mora for pretty much everything.
When it comes to the time for maxing out a character the biggest culprit is character exp (11 days of optimal farming). Plus the ascension materials that can be farmed within 3 days of extended playtime, which I believe its fair.
When it comes to gearing up a character the biggest culprit is artifacts taking a whopping 16 days to get enough to fully level some 4*s.
Now if you remove those times (occupied by artifacts and character exp), its possible to max out a lvl 70 character in around a week with optimal farming due to the mora constraints. And while that may sound too much for some, it seems fine for me, its a month to get a entirelly new party up to speed for doing Abyss/Exploration, that seems pretty reasonable.
TLDR: Lack of mora,char exp and artifacts are the main source of player dissatisfaction when it comes to resources, lack of guided activities is a major problem as well, both get in the way of players and the company's profit.

My proposals

I know some people will not like this, but my solution for the current situation does not involve a rework/removal of the resin system. But instead alternate means of obtaining the most restrictive resources in terms of time investment (artifacts, Mora and Character exp) through what I believe is GIs strongest point, exploration.
The solution would come in 2 parts, one for the short term since the amount of rage against the current situation is massive. It will not solve the issue completely but should be a great measure in terms of return in player satisfaction per effort to implement. And another for the long term meant to solve the problem from the game while increasing sustained engagement and offering more spending options for players.

Short term

Previously collected Common and Exquisite chests respawn
  1. This should fill the world with content to explore every week so people that only log in on weekends can enjoy the exploration to its full extent while grinders have enough places to farm for resources each day.
  2. You've collected this before so its not a new experience (lore explanation), Throttiling AR is important and not having it entirelly tied to quests,teleports,statues was a mistake in my opinion. As it is, players can reach max rank before there is quest content appropriate for that rank that will hamper the desire to complete new content if things are not scaled properly and make balancing more difficult. That being said the game currently does not have a proper gameplay loop so players need the AR gain as the drive for engagement. This is a band-aid measure that I believe is already costing more than its helping since the abyss is balanced for maxed out characters so people want to achieve maxed characters even if there is no proper storyline progression to support that climb in power level and AR. The max AR for the current state of the game should be 35-40 and the endgame content should expand as the actual game content does so things are kept balanced and engaging.
  3. As previously stated, in the current state, engagement with the gacha system is far too low due to lack of free sources of wishes/primogems, I actually believe it should be 2(common) and 5(exquisite) primogems but I don't wanna push too much and get this measure overlooked entirelly. With 700 chests to open during the weekend giving an average of 1.75 primogens each, thats around 1200 primogems, thats almost enough for a weekly 10 pull and if you did all comissions everyday then its enough for a 10 pull. That should be the minimal engagement with the system to make it at least somewhat attractive. with the 2-5 primogems per common-exquisite chest its around 2800 per week or 3220 if you've done your daily comissions thats 2 weekly pulls for highly dedicated players which I believe to be close to the ideal rate of engagement since it amounts to 80 pulls a month, close enough to the pity amount to maybe drive some Genesis Crystal sales. The optimal would be enough to get 70-80 pulls per limited character event banner duration consistently but since this is only the short term measure and the long term one will also involve primogem rewards, it might be worth it to consider using the 1-2 primogem rewards even if the situation seems dire for now, since the long term system is something that will greatly help with the gameplay loop problem.
This measure can come in phases since it tackles a very urgent issue and can't take long to begin taking effect and stopping the current imminent drop of a significant amount of the playerbase.
The first phase should just have the system respawn previously opened chests that are unguarded. Since there will be no puzzle/monsters to keep track of/respawn synched with the chest it should be quicker to implement.
The second phase should tackle the easiest of the two options monster protected chest respawn or puzzle locked chest respawn.
The third one should be directed at making proper UI/tutorials/resources for explaining the respawning chest mechanic. I.E. Paimon - "Don't be afraid to collect every single chest, they come back after some time, since monsters always have new adventurer loot to store. I don't wanna think about where they got that loot from though..."
The fourth one should prepare the respawning chest system for the Journey system, described in the Long term section of this post
All of these should be permeated with surveys to check if high AR players are noticing the respawns (if the spawn rate is significant), if they are engaged (if the measure was effective), if the rewards are balanced and if that has alleviated the resin issue after all exquisite chests can drop talent books.

TLDR: Previously collected chests should respawn togheter with their puzzles/enemy guards. They should spawn at a rate that will fill the world with treasure in about a week.

Long term

What I'm going to describe is a system that will take a good chunk of time to implement but would go a long way to provide longevity for the game.
Introducing the Journey System (bounty was already taken):
My suggestions for the system structure/balancing:
Encounter count Chests type Journey points
1-4 Common 10
5-13 Exquisite 20
14-19 Precious 40
20 Luxurious 100
Also the last encounter (end of journey) will have 3 times the amount of chests of the corresponding type and/or Jpoints. I.E. A Regular(14 encounter) journey would feature 4 common chests/40 Jpoints in the first 4 encounters then exquisite chests in encounters 5 through 13/180 Jpoints total and in the last 14th encounter they will be rewarded with 3 precious chests/120 Jpoints. This totals to 4 common chests, 9 exquisite chests and 3 precious chests and/or 340 Jpoints.
The monsters are presented in the format -> monster type(relation to expected average character level) I.E. if the expected character level for the given world level is 60 and a monster is supposed to be level 55, it would appear like this: monster name(-5)
Journey length Monter type at the start of the journey Monter types by the end of the journey Suggested last monster
Short Basic Hilichurls(-10) Whopperflowers(-5) Whopperflower(0) or Shielded Mitachurl(-2)
Regular Shield Hilichurls(0) with Samachurls (-5) Abyss Mages (-5) or Geovishap Hatchlings(-5) 3x Abyss Mages (0) or 2x Cicin mages (0)
Epic Geo shield Hilichurls (-5) with elemental Archer Hilichurls(-5) / Treasure hoarders(0) Rock shieldwall Mitachurls(0) or Ruin guards(0) with plenty of lesser mobs 2x Ruin Hunters (+5) or 3x Fatui Agents/Skirmishers(+5)
I mentioned 2 reward types, chests and Jpoints, however the ideal would be both since chests are fully randomized and there could be a shop with the Journey NPC that trades journey points for specific resources.
Why not just journey points then? Well chests are VERY satisfying to open, while just seeing the Jpoints number go up after clearing an encounter would feel just... good, but not enough to maybe keep doing this every day.
Would those chests award AR exp? No, as stated in the short term solution, providing a way to endlessly grind AR while the game does not have all of its story content in place is really detrimental IMO.
Would those chest reward primogems? Maybe. I think primogems should be rewarded mostly at the end of each journey, something like 60/100/240 total sounds like great number for me. I hope Epic journeys to take around 40-80minutes and 3 primogems a minute for a tough challenge sounds fair. Maybe Mihoyo disagrees, but like I said before, keeping players from touching the gacha system for too long will hurt the bottom line, there has to be just enough exposure to hook them.
Do you think Mihoyo would ever do something this cool? I believe Mihoyo is secretly developing something similar to this specially since they already reserved the name Bounty (which I pray to be a similar system to this). But this is pure speculation.
What are the expected rewards to be gained daily? Assuming you always do the same journey type:
Journey type Expected Jpoints / journey Expected clear time (minutes) Expected Jpoints / hour Expected chests / hour
Short 160 10-30 480 12C + 18E
Regular 340 30-50 510 6C + 14E + 5P
Epic 740 40-80 740 4C + 9E + 6P + 3L
What would the Journey shop sell? There would be 3 sections of the shop, with the nomad's offerings (limited time and stock offers that change weekly), the Limited goods (fixed selection of items with limited stock that refreshes monthly/weekly) and Journey exchange post (fixed selection of items with unlimited stock).
Suggestions for each include:
Item type Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Cycling 4* character of a set pool (the pool contains 8 characters that can appear in this slot that are expected for F2P users) 20000 1
Cycling prototype weapon material 5000 1
Random 3*/4* Claymore 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Sword 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Spear 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Catalyst 1000/10000 1
Random 3*/4* Bow 1000/10000 1
Random Skin (when added) 8000 1
Random furniture (when/if added) 3000 1
Note: only one of the weapon types offered will be 4\ at any time)
Item Jpoints cost (per unit) Available stock
Fragile Resin 400 14
Acquaint fate 1000 10
Intertwined fate 1000 10
Item Jpoints cost (per unit)
Adventurer's experience 10
200 Mora 1
(locked by AR20) Random 3* artifact 30
(locked by AR30) Random 4* artifact 120
(locked by AR40) Random 5* artifact 500

How would all this be monetized?
Since the entire system draws power from time investment which is pretty common to be the most demanded currency from F2Players, I'd suggest making a high value monthly deal:
The Journeyman's pocket guide/Blessing can be purchased for 5-15$ and grants you 3-5x Jpoints gain for an entire month, thats a pretty sweet deal, and greatly accelerates character leveling.
Supply packs of Jpoints / Genesis crystal conversion to Jpoints ("who said the Journey NPC can't be bribed?"), suggested rate 1 genesis crystal -> 10 Jpoints
Nomads favor can be purchased for 10-20$ and grants you the current nomad offered character, skin and furniture + the current 4* weapon in a neat package.


Possible/common questions

Why is this post so disorganized/made use of feature x or y?This is my first Reddit post, letting me know what is wrong will help me improve the post.
Why did you make such a long post as your first one?
After joining the Genshin Impact discord server it came to my attention that the posts deemed more relevant were posted on Reddit and were very detailed in their description. Since I already had a decently fleshed out idea of what I thought would improve the game I decided to create the Reddit account.
Why are you defending the resin system?
Because I think its but a shadow of a far more concerning issue, which is the lack of a repeatable and rewarding gameplay loop that benefits players that are engaged and deeply in love with the game's experience, or at least what was experienced in their first 2-3 weeks of play.
You wouldn't say this if you were AR4x+!
Maybe, enlighten me as to why please. I'm currently at AR37, 0 quests left to do, can't find a chest for the life of me, missing 2 documented seelies, all timed challenges done, all oculi collected. As of right now I don't see why I wouldn't understand the problem yet.
Hey OP do you take constructive criticism?
Heck yeah! Specially if you think of ways to increase the chances of this getting seen/approved by Mihoyo
Would you allow Mihoyo to just take your idea and run?
It would be my pleasure, no credit needed. After all my idea is derived from systems I've experienced in other games that tackled the issue of lack of repeatable content.
What do you expect from posting this?
The dream is to get Mihoyo to implement a similar or outright clone this system. The hope is getting the playerbase to help me refine this and shape it to be a plausible solution. I've only made premium style games before (pay once get everything) so having the help and opinions of gacha veterans would really help with shaping this post.
Anything you would have liked to do in this post but couldn't?Polls, I think people can do polls on reddit but I might be wrong. I would really like to know the percentage of people that would buy the Blessing of the Welking Moon monthly should the game get an update with the contents of this post and the amount of players that would be willing to buy any of the monetization options offered here. Personally I feel like Genshin Impact would deserve a monthly 10-20$ depending on how well they could maintain the joy I felt in the first 2 weeks.If anyone knows how to do polls let me know, thanks.
TLDR: Genshin Impact suffers from a severe lack of stimuli for continued exploration in the available late-game. Another issue is the cap of obtainable character experience and Mora required to level new characters. The first issue will push both whales and F2Players away over time (not long) and the second one severely damages the desire to engage in the gacha system since getting a new character is meaningless if you can't engage the current content with it. It is important for the game to have sustained development funds to keep the content flowing and the devs paid, so solving these issues is a must. Having chests respawn would alleviate the first issue since chest include the most restrictive rewards in the late-game. That should keep the F2Players engaged for at least one more month post 1.1, after that starting development on a system similar or equal to the Journey System should keep the F2Players engaged for a period long enough to start breaking their first purchase barrier. Until such system is developed its recommended that events be far more abundant when it comes to their rewards in primogems, since players need a minimal level of exposure to the gacha system and need to see minimal results coming from it to even consider a purchase. So 10x wishes should be an occurrence every player has at least 4x a month consistently on the analytics, if this is not being achieved then one of the greatest drives of a gacha game (the actual gacha) can be considered unsuccessful in capitalizing on the potential it has given the game reached such high engagement on PC and PS4.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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2020.10.23 01:51 ablanton90 Updates to orders

I don’t understand why there isn’t a limit to how many orders people add to their order after they are claimed. I had someone add over 26 items after claiming and my phone was constantly going off while I was shopping another order and I only had claimed her order was because of the amount of items it had. It turned out to be OK, but I don’t understand why people put orders in before they are done. I get they forget a few items and add them and that’s totally fine, but to almost double their order with updates is crazy!
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2020.10.23 01:46 CraftyFlutterby Best of Costumes Cataloging party, 200+ items!

I will be taking the first 8 to comment. After this further comments will be on the waitlist for if there is time or notified of the timing for Saturday's second round. I will be taking 4 at a time and spacing out arrivals to keep it efficient. You may buy candy while you are here. It takes about 20-30 minutes to catalog all 200+ items.
TLDR; Items are left of the airport. They are organized as a maze in squares of 9. Make sure pockets have 9 empty slots and no clothing when you start cataloging. Wear a wand outfit if you can. Read/scroll to end for how to request a dodo code.
The Best of Costumes to catalog are on the land and beach left of the airport. This set has a little bit of everything from my previous costume cataloging parties which had historical, career, animal, pop culture, sports, and worldwide wardrobe themes. All items are from before the Halloween update. Here's a link to the full list of items set out to catalog-

For those new to cataloging the basic concept is to pick up and drop items. This adds them to your catalog so that you can order them from your nook stop. When dropping items please stand in the center square of the 9 to drop the 9 just picked up efficiently and within the square they belong in.

Tips on how my cataloging party is laid out:
All items are set out in grids of 9 that are painted Halloween designs on the ground.
The center tile is painted with a stained-glass design. This is where you stand to drop the 9 items just picked up.
A maze of fences and themed items have been placed. Please follow them so you don't miss anything and the flow of 4 people cataloging is efficient.

This is a free event. It is done to share the joy of the spooky season cataloging, and costume wearing in general. :)

Comment your fave spooky item for a dodo code. Do NOT initiate chat. I will send chat and reply to your comment when it's your turn. You'll have 10 minutes to respond before you spot goes to NIL. If you respond later I will do my best to circle back to you.
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2020.10.23 01:45 dyangsw [GIVEAWAY] My storage is sad and tired from the heavy you!

Here's what's up for grabs
There's furniture, clothing, some DIYs, etc.
Please leave a comment with what items you want AND your in-game name, and I will invite you to pick up your new treasures on my island :)
I just ask that you be patient, as it will take time for me to get to everyone and for me to rummage through my storage. I will update my trade list after each trade to show what's left. Thank you!! :)
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2020.10.23 01:39 Broshan24 Temples Update

Temples are currently kind of boring, and I feel especially that jungle temples are too rare and don't have enough good loot to be worth looking for. This applies to Desert Temples as well, but they are more common.
Also, the lore with the desert temples doesn't really make sense. I would assume the temples were built by ancient people, but what for? Desert temples are so small, I can't see them being used for anything except storing valuables. But even that doesn't make much sense, because if someone were to trigger the TNT trap, all of their valuable would blow up too.
My suggestion is to make them feel bigger and more complicated. Finding a temple should feel like you're exploring an extremely old yet advanced structure, with traps and more than just a few rooms with basic arrow traps. Like with the cave update, there should be almost a sense of wonder exploring them.
My first idea would to make jungles a bit more common. I rarely find Jungles, and when I do, they're so hard to navigate that it's almost not worth the trouble to go looking for a temple.
Desert temples
Desert temples are fairly common compared to jungle temples, but all they really are is a small pyramid with a TNT trap inside of a secret room. First of all, It's a temple. I think it should be much bigger than it is currently (same goes for the jungle temple, but I'll talk about that later). My idea to revamp the desert temple is to make it larger and look similar to a pyramid. The entrance would be a small maze, and once you get past that, there would be a room with a puzzle, where you have to find a code using a series of lecterns. The correct code opens a door, which leads to the treasure.
I also feel like, since temples were made by ancient people, there should be more. skeleton heads on their walls, maybe as past leaders. Some archaeology from the coming update. Things to make it more decorative and creates that feeling of exploring.
Jungle Temples
I'll start off by saying that Jungle Temples should be MUCH bigger than they are currently. My idea is that while the entrance to the temple is above ground, it could expand under. The way I picture it, once you go in, you can't come out until you have find the treasure and ______ (I will talk about the latter in a bit). So obviously, a new item would have to be introduced. The key door. (The name is a work in progress). You cannot mine it, similar to bedrock, but you can open it with a key. You can get these by trading with Villagers, and I'll talk more in-depth about that later. (I'm saying "I'll talk about that later" a lot. I really need to stop that).
Inside, as expected, would be a bunch of redstone traps and puzzles. Hidden levers, tripwires, etc. Finally, You reach the treasure. The treasure would include the usual things, like a chance of diamonds, enchanted books, wheat, bread. But one thing that would always spawn in at least one chest would be another new item, the Totem of Fertility. While holding this, any crops in a twelve block radius will grow 1.5x as fast as usual.
But you're not done with the temple yet. Stealing the treasure has angered the guardian of the temple, causing it to wake. Now, I haven't though of what exactly it would look like or do, but it will be pretty powerful, similar to a watered-down Iron Golem. It also drops a key, which you need to leave the temple.
Keys will be required to enter a Jungle temple. You can get them by trading with Villagers. Introducing the new villager, the Lumberjack. These villagers have mainly wood-related trades. But some of them may have ventured a bit too far to a Jungle biome, and found a mysterious object. They are willing to trade it to you, for some emeralds.
Phew! That took a while! If you read through all of that, I applaud you. Let me know in the comments what you think. I think we can all agree that Minecraft's temples need some updating. I touched on a bit of lore, but it's not official, just what I would think would be realistic.
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2020.10.23 01:14 Russelsteapot42 Does anyone know the specifics of the new fire mechanics?

So recent updates have made fire a bit more realistic, which has interfered with my ability to cook food on burning zombie clothing.
I've been looking for a good description of these mechanics, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I know it has something to do with items being converted to fuel and having a certain 'fuel value', but I'm not sure where to look to figure out the fuel value or how quickly it's run through.
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2020.10.23 01:08 endreleine Need a formula to extract the value from a cell in a table where two criteria decides row and one criteria decide column - what formula to use to get the value in the cell where row/column intersects?

Trying to make an excel workbook to track inventory (and calculated sales) for a concession-stand/kiosk run by the lokal sports team one of our kids play for.
Basically I have made a workbook with one sheet per salesday. Inventory at close of shop is transferred as stock to next salesday, and I'm trying to simplify the update of inventory and restocking.
I'm thinking of using a MS Form that pushes data into a log-sheet with date, type of report and values per item in columns, one row per report. This will allow each salesday to populate with data from logsheet, if I can only get the lookup to work...
My working draft is here Report log sheet with columns for Date, Report Type and the various items. The sheet '31.10' have two formulas I've tried, none do the trick. The objective is to have a formula for each column E - I that do a lookup in the log for a report matching column header, date and item name and then return the value from the log in the intersection between Date + Report type and Item. With this approach, cell E8 should pull 10 from the log, based on the date for the sheet is 31.10.2020 + item for the row is 'Banan (stk)' and the column header is 'Supplert', but no such luck...
Where am I messing up?... Alternatively I'd welcome an alternative approach if anyone has seen this type of concept and have an existing solution...
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2020.10.23 01:07 Scottishbanter There needs to be a code of conduct for gifting item's at the nexus. Especially if you don't want to receive any gifts from anyone.

So I started yet another new game save when the origins update dropped and I'm 10 hrs into that new game.
I went to the nexus to buy some tech from a vendor and while I'm browsing the items that one of the vendors is selling my door goes.
So after returning to my game where I'm still in the browser screen I leave the vendor and long list of items start scrolling on my screen.
I check my exosuit inventory and it's completely full of items that I've been gifted from someone or other.
Now I appreciate the kind gesture. But the reason I started a new game is to enjoy building up everything I have myself. Not for other players to try and fast forward my game for me.
And I'm standing at a place where the game requires you to go to buy stuff. So i don't think it's unreasonable to ask not to be given gifts in such area's. But instead maybe gift players sitting about out where the ships are parked up. This would be a good place to indicate that you want gifts.
It's was a bit annoying having to try and work out what I already had in my inventory and what I didn't so that I could delete these item's that I got gifted.
So if you do gift item's. Please think about whether the player actually wants your gifts or if they are just happily playing the game on their own.
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2020.10.23 01:03 bmth310 [USA-IL] [H] Ryzen 3700x, x470 Taichi MOBO, G Skill 16gb RGB DD4 3200, 1TB SSD 3D TLC NAND M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 3.0, Kraken x52 240mm AIO, Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard (Gateron Reds), Xbox Wireless controller. [W] Paypal

Hi HardwareSwap, I'm selling my PC in parts. I'm new to the community and normally sell on Ebay but wanted to give this a shot. Everything is actually LIKE NEW. I put this PC together with all brand new parts. It had been sitting assembled in my closet with a bag over it for the last 11-12 months or so.
Please feel free to message me with any questions. Also please comment PM before sending me a PM. All prices include shipping. Prices are firm. Everything includes original retail components/parts/packaging with exception of 3700x. Handling time will be 1-2 days. I know all the individual timestaps are 6 days old, but the FAQ here says as long as they're posted within 7 days it's within rules. Here's an updated overall timestamp photo though:
Item/Description Quantity Price Condition
Odin Labs Anne Pro 2 Gateron Red Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Bought 1 year ago 1 $60 Like New
AMD Ryzen 3700x CPU Purchased 1 year ago. Never OC'd, only used at stock values. NO COOLER INCLUDED. Bought 1 year ago Sold to Jussaplug $265 Like New
ASRock x470 Taichi Motherboard Bought 1 year ago sold to brembilla $125 Like New
G.SKILL Trident Z RGB (For AMD) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-16GTZRXPurchased 1 year ago sold to philter $65 Like New
Inland Premium 1TB SSD 3D TLC NAND M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive, Read/Write Speed up to 3100MB/s and 1900MB/s. Bought 1 year ago 1 $95 Like New
NZXT Kraken X52 240mm - RL-KRX52-02 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - CAM-Powered - Infinity Mirror Design - Performance Engineered Pump - Reinforced Extended Tubing - Aer P120mm Radiator Fan (2 inc.) bought 1 year ago Sold to Brisk_Is_Back $85 Like New
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Black Controller Purchased 1 year ago. 1 $50 Like New
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2020.10.23 01:01 AndyHutchins Madden Ultimate Team 21: Most Feared Promo Reveal Details from EA's Twitch Stream

It's been a while since one of these! But EA is finally revealing Most Feared, its time-honored and beloved Halloween-centric promo, on its Madden Twitch channel this Thursday, just nine days before Halloween itself, and as ever, that means I'll be trying to play stenographer for the duration of the stream. Bullet points to follow!
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2020.10.23 00:45 GameWrit Crafting a Decision-making System for Spyro Gamebook (writer's diary num. 3)

Hello there! I'm here with another update on Spyro and the Hall of Mirrors. The work continues. Today I tackled the problem of choice-making. The bread, and butter of all interactive stories.
My Brain is giving me a hard time since he isn't doing his job (thinking) and forcing him is painful for us both. Sadly that's what the creative process is about. However, we managed to come up with a simple but hopefully engaging system of choice and consequence for the story, and for once we can both agree on how exactly we want to go about it.
"Yeah, but you will be the one who's going to do the talking. I'm tired."
Sigh, okay Brain, I will do the talking. You can go to sleep mode again.
To play Spyro and the Hall of Mirrors you will need a pencil, paper, and classical 6d dice. As you read you will be sometimes required to make a choice which determines on what page you will be sent. Let's say you don't want Cynder to worry about Spyro, so you decide not to tell her that he spends evenings by playing mind games with Malefor and turn to page 34, but if you want to tell her the truth you go to 24.
"What do I need paper and a pencil for?"
Shush Brain, you want me to do the talking so shut up.
"I'm just trying to help man."
Hhh... fine.
So the paper and pencil. Hall of Mirrors is primarily story focused. You get the story in other gamebooks also but it's more situational where you mostly deal with monsters and traps. The advantage of that system is that you have far more freedom. You can move around the "map" or the "dungeon" if you will. The disadvantage is that story needs to make space for the obstacles. When I say that Hall of Mirrors is a story-focused experience it's played more like games from Telltale. The story is fairly linear (it won't branch as much but the consequences of your choices carry far more weight for the world and the characters who inhabit it and also don't have to be immediate. This is where the pen and paper (or your phone) come in. Sometimes when you make a choice, you will gain "status". Status might be an item in your inventory, but also an injury (like a broken leg) or other characters' opinions about you etcetera. Let's say you decided to make a jump somewhere, failed, and broke one of your legs in the process. If that happens the book informs you that you have to write down the status "broken leg". Now if you encounter a line that says "if you have broken leg go to page 45" and you happen to have status "broken leg" written down in your notes, you have to go to page 45.
"Okay, so I have paper and pencil so I don't have to remember things that will have a further impact on the story right?"
"What about dice?"
Well, sometimes you will encounter a special choice called "risk". You may try to take the risk or play it safe, it's entirely up to you. You might take a risk by lying to cynder about something. (lying to your wife is VERY risky, so don't try that at home). If you choose to take the risk book will ask you to throw a dice "to pass the risk you must throw 6". So you throw the dice and if your throw is 6, Cynder successfully ate your lie (I hope you are happy now).
Some statuses gained by previous choices might also improve (or also decrease) your chances for success. Let's say you were an extra dedicated father and spend the whole previous day with Spyro's son so Cynder is happy and is more likely to let Spyro's excuses slide. So instead of throwing 6 your chances are improved, so now you need to throw 3, 4, 5, or 6.
That's basically it.
Now there will of course be more that will test your skills and wits. Malefor is no pushover when it comes to manipulation.
I want to state beforehand that Spyro isn't a blake slate. He has his own personality and history. As you spend time with him you will get acquainted with his inner self and you will become his guardian angel who controls his fate so tread carefully. Spyro is powerful but certainly not indestructible. Also, there are no alternate endings where you "loose" in the middle of the book. (so no death -> respawn) You will simply carry your failures and successes with you through the whole story until the end. But the story will consist of a multitude of subplots that have multiple outcomes and the book itself will have multiple endings.
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2020.10.23 00:16 adk1995 [HM] [TH] My cousin Jimmy: A tale of lemons

“Fire got the Black Baboon!,” shouted my cousin Jimmy, as he casually sprinted down the short road that leads to the ancient gate of my grandfather’s small house.
“Here we go,” I muttered under my breath, bracing myself for an odd experience.
He was moving with a slight limp that would suggest an injury in the left leg. His expression was one of immense agitation. This was pronounced by the glaring large eyes, unkempt beard, matted hair and teeth that looked like magnified individual grains of wheat. I concluded that he had been on the run for several days, since I knew the caretakers at the mental institution were very particular about the personal hygiene of their patients. When he came closer, I discovered that his pupils were un-focused, probably due to being off his medications. When he reached and halted at the gate, he studied me closely for a few seconds, looked around for people in the vicinity, and finding the street deserted with the exception of a few squatting, pan-chewing autorickshaw drivers, announced:
“Help! Someone help! This lunatic has taken my grandparents hostage!”
Now were I a lunatic and on top of that had I found purpose in taking the residents of this house hostage, even then his statement would have been factually incorrect, since grandmother had passed away around seven years ago. I let this pass, since neither the squatters nor the adolescents playing a loud game of cricket in the adjacent park showed any signs of acting on it.
“A very ugly man has taken my grandparents hostage and is demanding money, please help, bring your wallets and money bags!”, he announced again, in an even more agitated manner.
It was apparent that whatever fantastic story had caught his fancy today was inclined towards violence. I picked up a stick from the lemon tree shed beside the gate, just in case there were to be a lunge. The gate was only fastened by a latch on top, operable from both sides and I would be defenceless against any swift movements. Once he saw what I had done, he stared at me with disbelief.
“What is the need to get violent, brother? I'm just asking people for help, I won't cause you any harm!“ Thus reassuring me, he followed it up with bellowing, “He has a weapon, please help, bring your saucepans”
This last plea cracked me up. I will never know whether it was my laughter or the situation, but he found one of those equally amusing and started guffawing himself.
In India, there exists a public fear of missing out on something mildly spectacular. Gather three people who appear to be genuinely interested in some activity and more will inevitably show up. But that’s not the end of it – these idlers will stay irrespective of whether the thing or incident at the epicentre is of interest to them or not, as if merely out of respect for the initial gatherers’ appreciation of it. Everyone collaborates to see it through to the end. This persists until someone starts asking them why they are there, and why they aren’t minding their own business. Dispersal is immediate and unopposed, which only goes to show that it is done despite complete knowledge of it being unacceptable, unnecessary behaviour. If this epicentre qualifies as a private squabble, these gatherers are kind enough to not exactly let on that they're eavesdropping. And so it was that out of nowhere a small crowd of stone kickers, phone-scrollers and small-talkers gathered around the two men standing across a gate, eye contact intact, laughing without a care in the world.
Jimmy became immensely aware of their presence and came closer to the gate. He gestured for me to come closer as well, still giggling. I obliged. In a sudden movement, I was grabbed by the collar and a foul-smelling mouth was thrust in my ear, whispering,
"Are these your detectives, brother? Are you trying to trick me into a confession? I want to be completely clean. That’s my only crime“
Now it was not only his feeble frame that prevented me from landing a blow, but of course the fact that after all he was still family, and if I were seen to be in a physical altercation with him, I would be blamed, quite simply because he cannot be. It was also that his mad words might actually mean something, and I wouldn’t trust Jimmy to have a criminal idea but not execute it. He would do it badly, of course, but in terms of rigour of implementation, I would not put him beneath many people I know. Passersby fled the scene after seeing this incident, having concluded that being unrelated to the situation wasn’t going to guarantee their safety, and that sanity was not to be expected from either of the two blokes. Someone must have dialled the police as well, because they would turn up (fashionably late) after an hour or so.
My grandfather, who is hard of hearing but keeps track of the movement of all family members, must have started feeling anxious by now about me going to the verandah and not returning. He called out from inside, “Who is it, son?”
“Just a drunk man grandpa, don’t worry things are under control”, I screamed.
“Only thing I will drink is the blood of that bastard Baboon. And some Fanta if you have it”, said Jimmy
“How did you escape, Jimmy?”
“I’m not drunk”
“But how did you come here?”
“I took a rickshaw”
“How did you pay for it? How did you know the way?”
“I know the way”
I looked behind him and spotted on the other side of the main road an empty parked rickshaw.
“So you took a rickshaw, huh”
“Merely borrowed”
“Ok, come inside. Clean your slippers on the grass”
“Cleanliness is good! Nurse Madam says one must sanitise oneself to avoid getting germs from all the places we touch and the people we meet. So I have been taking sanitiser baths”
“You have been taking sanitiser baths as in you have been dousing yourself in sanitiser instead of water?”
“It means I am 99.99% germ free,” he said, proudly. “Since I started insisting, Nurse Madam brings me about a quarter of a small bucket each day”
By insisting, he meant screaming and kicking, of course. Nurse Madam - whoever she was, however headstrong life in a mental institute would have made her - if she ever made a point of sanitizing oneself, would be regretting that every day.
“My skin is a free land, no invasion. Just that post the bath I have to stay away from cigarettes and candles. It can catch fire. I once lost a towel…”
“How did your leg get injured?”
“The baboon bit me. He has very sharp teeth, that bastard”
“So there is a monkey in the facility?”
I ushered him inside the gate into the veranda, where our gardener had parked his bike. Jimmy immediately got on it and started examining it closely, as if trying to figure out how to start it. Now I had to take charge of the situation before it got out of hand. The institution had to be intimated. I called for my mom, explained the situation. She immediately contacted Jimmy’s parents (his father was her cousin), in order to get the details and call them here to pick him up. In the meantime, I convinced Jimmy to drink some sprite, since we didn’t have any Fanta. Smart kid as he was, he plucked a few lemons, assessed them for their ripeness, and them tore into one with his long nails, in order to get a few drops into the sprite. I remembered my mother telling me about how as a child he was always in the kitchen, trying to emulate his mother’s recipes. Before he had the accident. Multiple violent incidents meant he was no longer safe to be at home. That was three years ago.
“How many days do you think I can survive on lemons?” he asked after we had spent sufficient time in silence, him still trying to kick aggressively at any protrusions in the bike’s lower body – hoping to achieve ignition.
“What do you mean?”
“If I were to go to another country and I only took the lemon tree with me, how many days would I be able to survive?”
I wasn’t really thinking about my response at this point since could hear police sirens closing in.
“Maybe two or three. In order to survive longer, you will need to sell some of the lemons to get your hand on other things such as a place to stay, clothes to wear, other nutritious food items”
“You are very smart brother. I have to sell the lemons”
“Ok. Tell me more about the monkey. And did you burn it?”
“What monkey?”
The police arrived and I diffused the situation with them, assuring that things were under control and there was no chance of things getting violent. About ten minutes after the police had left, the people from the institute came. They thanked me for the support, told me he had been missing for about a week, and started trying to get Jimmy into the vehicle with them. I have heard some obscenities in my time, but the ones Jimmy chose to shower those folks with that day were both educating and unnerving.
This was the end of my entertaining tryst with Jimmy, after which I promptly forgot about him (as I tend to do with family members). We came back from Grandpa’s after a few days. It was only two weeks later that Jimmy was the topic of family gossip again. There had been two major developments: 1. The head doctor at the facility had died, and 2. Jimmy had been missing from the facility for the last few days, again. Cause of death was a blast that occurred because his car fuel tank was filled with buckets-full of non-petrol substances – likely sanitizer. The nurse was implicated because of her consumption of too much sanitizer in the past month. Jimmy’s absence wasn’t a big deal because apparently, he had run away almost every month for the past year, only to return after a few days. When I looked at the photograph of the deceased man, I was taken by surprise to find that he was very dark and his face was shaped in a way that made it look very much like that of a baboon. Since this was a sensational story, some news channel in search of virality did an expose’ on the erstwhile head doctor and his violent ways at the institute. Word from some of the more sane inmates was that they were happy about this new development, since he used to beat them to a pulp when they wouldn’t listen or do his chores, and that every time he was beating an inmate with his cane, he would pass commentary on his own action – “Got the filthy bastard! Haha!”.
A few days later, it so happened that we got news that a burglary had happened at my grandfather’s house. The only items stolen were bagfuls of lemon. I waited for the next few weeks for news of a man trying to sell stale lemons to passersby or that of stolen modes of transport, but I heard nothing. Jimmy did return to the facility after a month and a half, on a bicycle. My mother used to get regular updates from grandpa, and he told her that apparently Jimmy had claimed that he got the bicycle in exchange for some very fine lemons, and that his lemons are the best in the world. As an additional positive externality, mother said grandpa felt a deep sense of achievement since to the best of his knowledge, Jimmy had last seen his lemon tree about four years ago, and that it had had such a strong impression that he only sought these magnificent golden balls for survival only went to justify his hard work. For months hence he would try to sell his produce to anyone willing to listen to his story, and would refuse any price that mirrored their existing value. He eventually gave up, assuming it was down to Jimmy’s marketing skills after all.
And that is the story of when life gave my cousin Jimmy lemons.
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2020.10.23 00:13 orSQUADstra 3070 / 3600X build for 1440p gaming, thoughts?

Hi! I've been planning on building a gaming PC in the coming months, here are the parts I have been hoping to put together:
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor $243.00
Motherboard MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard $120.00
Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $107.00
Storage Kingston A2000 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $129.00
Storage Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $66.00
Video Card MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB VENTUS 3X OC Video Card $780.00
Case NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case $84.00
Power Supply SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $110.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1639.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-10-22 17:57 EDT-0400
Important notes:

Now, I have no clue about what SSD and HDD brands are good, these seemed like good value, although I'm not 100% set on the SSD, not sure if the 500GB one would be a better purchase.
I'm also not too well-informed about PSU brands, this power supply had good reviews and based on what I found it seemed to be good, but I'd love to hear a word about it from someone.
About the case, I know, every other build has this one, but I quite like the minimalistic look of it while maintaining a decently low price, however I am slightly worried about airflow. Some case suggestions would be appreciated either way!

Thank you for your time!
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2020.10.23 00:07 EpicCommentStories Wyre Bash Update last month?

Okay, I just now noticed Wrye Bash updated last month and when I went to use it, there were way more options then there was before now. Did it always just do these things it added and just now gave us an option to say yes or no to them or did it add stuff?
I know allot of people suggest Mator Smash but when I tried it even with the Splitter scripts, it didn't ever work right. It didn't add items from my 3 armor mods or my 3 weapon mods. It even seemed to not let Immersive Armors add stuff despite it doing so via scripts so I just use Wyre Bash and have had only one crash but that was largely Steam's fault for telling me that stupid controller message.
Anyway, I would like to know if I'm wrong in the case that Wyre bash started doing more when it updated or not. Thanks!
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2020.10.22 23:52 Nova_Tek Star Citizen Patch 3.11.0j Evocati
Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1 PTU.6322578 Patch Notes
Star Citizen Patch 3.11.1
Alpha Patch 3.11.1 has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.11.1-PTU.6322578.
It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU.
Database Reset: YES
Long Term Persistence: Enabled
Starting aUEC: 15,000,000
The current build is under NDA
Please monitor etf-testing-chat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.
USER.cfg settings: r_displaySessionInfo = 1
Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the "Testing Focus". Please issue council all issues related to those in testing focus and in general gameplay.
Testing Focus
Known Issues
New Features
Feature Updates
Ships and Vehicles
Major Bug Fixes
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2020.10.22 23:50 YouEnvironmental8248 item not in the menu

how you tell postmates they need to update their app? I go to some restaurant and order what the customer wants and find out the restuarant doesn't carry the items any more. most of the time i hear the clerk say that item haven't been on our menu for several years now.
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SharePoint Weekly Newsletter Roundup - YouTube detailsview insert update delete using ...

Preguntas de la entrevista de SharePoint

  1. SharePoint Weekly Newsletter Roundup - YouTube
  2. detailsview insert update delete using ...

Welcome Back for another weekly newsletter Roundup! This week we covered a little of this: Top News Stories Phishing Campaign Uses SharePoint to Slip Past De... Link for csharp,,, dotnet basics and sql server video tutorial playlists Link for text versio...