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The story of Luciano Vassallo, the italian-eritrean player who helped Ethiopia winning their only AFCON

2019.07.02 01:07 interfan1999 The story of Luciano Vassallo, the italian-eritrean player who helped Ethiopia winning their only AFCON

Luciano Vassallo was born in 1935 in Asmara, Italian Eritrea, from an italian father and a local eritrean mother.
When he was young he had to abandon school because he was discriminated for being mixed by both italians and eritreans.
He started playing football for local teams in Asmara and his talent was immediately noticed. He signed with Cotton FC of Dire Dawa, where he won the Ethiopian Championship in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1965. Later he also joined Saint-George SA of Addis Abeba (the most famous Ethiopian team) and won the League in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1971.
With his brother Italo, Luciano was part of the 1962 AFCON campaign when Ethiopia won their only trophy to date, as the team captain. Luciano scored 2 goals in the semifinal against Tunisia and was named player of the tournament, the only Ethiopian to claim the award.
But in the 1970s he was jailed by the dictator Mengitsu and accused of being a western colonialists' spy just because he had italian roots. Luckily he was able to escape to Italy, after a difficult trip started from Djibouti.
When took refuge in Italy, in 1978 he obtained the Italian citizenship and owned a mechanic car shop. Later he founded in Rome a school for young footballers: the Olimpia Ostia. After some years living in Rome, he even published a book about his life, titled Mamma, ecco I soldi (Mum, here's the money). He still lives in Rome nowadays.
At the end of his career, he scored 90 goals in 104 matches for Ethiopia.
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2018.12.30 23:16 Lasse_Karagiannis Questions about the psychological implications of Judaism and related topics

Dear Professor Jordan Peterson, I would like you to explain how a couple of things work which are all related to the religion of Judaism:
Organized Jewry has succeeded in keeping the religion of (Talmudic) Judaism secret to essentially the whole world which contains immoral commandments while posing as eternal innocent victims who never erred. There are whistle blowers who are Jewish humanists as well as former Jews and former rabbis, but they have all been attacked by Organized Jewry and denounced as people who either haven't understood Judaism or are willfully spreading lies. Organized Jewry doesn't want to alert the Non-Jew that Judaism demands and endorses certain acts of immoral and outright criminal behavior towards the Non-Jew. They for instance don't want to alert the Non-Jew that his children might not always be saved from death by all Jews. See the most distinguished rabbi David Bar Chaim teaching Jews how to lie to the Non-Jew so that the Jew can get away with fulfilling this mitzvah (commandment)
I have requested, from the leadership of Jewry in Sweden and Britain, that they ought to alert the Non-Jew about the fact that there exist commandments within Judaism which constitute a threat to the life of the Non-Jew, because the majority of Non-Jews do not have a clue about this. The mitzvah is not a prohibition of risking one’s life, but a prohibition of lifting the slightest finger to save the Non-Jew such as calling 911, throwing the safety ring etc. I suppose that this is a serious criminal offense in many countries. Follow the links in the description of the video-clip to see what former Jews and what humanists Jews have written about this mitzvah and other immoral halakhot.
I have written +100 emails to the leadership of the Organized Jewry here in Sweden asking them to whistle blow Talmudic Judaism since 2013, but receive to answer. I phoned once and politely invited a representative to a radio-show broadcasted in Halmstad city to explain the differences between their version of Judaism and the version propagated by the chief rabbi of Israel but he muttered something and slammed the phone on me.
Instead of alerting the public about the criminality which the religion of Judaism demands from every Jew, they are instead always eager to publicly talk about antisemitism as a special case of racism, which is not true because Talmudic Judaism is a religion which is confessed by people of all races in the whole world. See for instance “Peruvian Indians Jews”
Regarding the silence of Organized Jewry it should also be mentioned that a Jew teaching Judaism to a Non-Jew is seen as a sin within Judaism, where “Torah” is meant the “Oral Torah” which is the Talmud when Jews speak to each other but means the 5 books of Moses when speaking to the Non-Jews. See Sanhedrin 59A from a slightly censored translation
Professor Israel Shahak describes the methods Organized Jewry has used to distort the facts about Judaism throughout the centuries here:
This means that if you want to read authentic Jewish sources you often have to translate them yourself (use google translate), because most publications available are censored versions for Goyim consumption.
Jewish law - the Halacha is derived from the Talmud and when a concept is crystal clear in the Talmud, such as the case mentioned above – the prohibition of saving the Non-Jew from death, it is referred to as "a halacha in the Talmud". If a concept is unclear in the Talmud, then the Halacha is the consensus among the most important rabbis in comments upon comments on commentaries on that particular topic in the Talmud. It is said that a Jew never errs if he follows the rulings of the RAMABAM (Maimonides) the greatest rabbi and the greatest of the Poskim (arbiters of Halacha) of all times. You can get the feel of the outrageous audacity of Jewish activists such as the so called “Wikipedia Jews” who mention nothing about Maimonides criminal supremacists’ rulings but instead making him look like a Christian saint while blocking editors who want to write what Jewish humanists, former Jews and former rabbis have written about Maimonides and Judaism. Compare the text at Maimonides Wikipedia entry with this text from Maimonides Mishney Torah read by a Chabad rabbi - a Non-Jewish girl from the age of 3 who is raped by a Jewish man is to be put to death “because a Jew fell into sin through her"
The ruling is meant to be applied when -"Israel is mighty"/Mipnei Darkei Shalom is ovethe Messaiha has arrived.
See also the links int the description for Jewish humanists who have blown the whistle regarding this.
If you create a Wikipedia account the "talk" tab becomes visible and you can read the communications between various Wikipedia editors and you can then see that Jewish editors censor and remove contributions written by Non-Jews. One cannot simply provide any credible information which counters their narrative regarding Judaism, the Holocaust etc.
It is also the case that according to Talmudic Judaism murder of a Non-Jew done by a Jew is forbidden but cannot be punished in a Talmudic court so called Beith Dinh, because the Non-Jew was created for the Jew together with the rest of nature, where the Jew himself is the purpose of the creation. See for instance the Israeli human rights activist Yossi Gurwitz who also explains the concept "Mipnei Darkei Shalom" (peaceful ways) which is a concept that says that Jews are allowed to perform acts of compassion as long as Jews are not in power when there is a risk of Gentile retribution.
Gracious acts of kindness towards the Non-Jew are forbidden within Judaism. They are sins against G-d and the Jew must repent and ask for forgiveness do so called tshuva, read humanist Jew Menachem Daum complaining about it.,5081,5140#msg-514*/,5081,5140#msg-514
But gracious acts of kindness are only sins if they are performed out of a sensation of compassion towards the Non-Jew. Professor Noah Feldman explains Mipnei Darkei Shalom without actually mentioning this concept by name."
If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate good relations between Jews and non-Jews, your actions were permissible. But if, to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of violating the Sabbath,"
The climax of Judaism is the arrival land the accomplishments of the tasks of the Moshiach, where he is to suppose to rule the world from Jerusalem and enslave all the Non-Jews where every Jew will have 2800 slaves according to Judaism. See Israeli Jews give their inner thoughts about how this slavery of the Non-Jews might look like:
The Non-Jews who do not accept Jewish supremacy will be put to death. The chief rabbi and the head of the Talmudic high court of the Sanhedrin talks about this when being recorded in secret by an Israeli Jew the human rights activist David Sheen.
i. Why are the Jews not disgusted to the extent that they want to tell the Non-Jew about this mind blowing criminality of Judaism? I am mailing and tweeting "everywhere" but the Jews whom I encounter will not be outraged about this and they will still push the antisemitism as racism narrative and still claim eternal innocent victimhood. How does this work?
ii. According to Prof. Johan Galtung Zionists Jews own a considerable amount of the world media It can be verified, see
Do you think that Prof. Galtung is correct and if so, is this the explanation to why World Jewry has succeeded in suppressing true knowledge about the nature of Judaism?
iii. You have previously stated that intelligence might be the reason for Jewish success instead of conspiracy. In light of what has been presented here about Judaism and in addition to the fact that Jews dominated in wealth and influence even in ancient times as reported by the geographer Strabo who lived around 700 years before the Khazars conversion (Ashkenazi Jews), would you then arrive to a different conclusion given the fact that it has here been shown that Judaism is conspiring against the Non-Jew?
Strabo wrote:
"These Jews have penetrated to every city, and it would not be easy to find a single place in the inhabited world which has not received this race, and where it has not become master."

//Addition 2018-12-31, Please also read some of the articles by the Jewish humanist Ron Unz
In this article
he proves the existence of conspiracy behind overwhelming elite college admissions of Jews.

Regarding Palestine
I am trying to get Jews sensitized about the plight of the Palestinian Non-Jews, using twitter and Facebook:
- that the Non-Jews there are indigenous population who have been there at least since the Al-Aqsa Mosque was built 1300 years ago and that the amount of Jews in Palestine was less than 7% a hundred years ago. See
-that God is not a real-estate broker, and that the Balfour declaration did not include expelling the indigenous population.
- that Israeli courts acquits soldiers who have emptied their machine gun on crying Non-Jewish girls in hiding and in panic. See and
- that there is proof of institutionalized cover up of soldiers murders of Non-Jewish Palestinian civilians
Since 30th of Mars the IDF has killed +200 unarmed civilian Non-Jews among children, handicapped people, media personnel. People have been shot in the back, in the neck, in the face and around 20 000 have been maimed where medical personal talk about so called "explosive bullets" and a predisposition for targeting the knee-cap. See
I don't have much success with this, instead there is the dominant feeling among the Jews that the indigenous population are not indigenous per see and that Israel, whose citizens have just recently arrived there (relatively speaking), has the right to defend itself (as a colonial entity).
i. How can it be the case that Jews from all over the world from every race color (and creed until previously) feel that they are a race of "Jewish blood" (from the mother) and that they all have the right to "return" and to "take back" the land from the indigenous population while not seeing them as indigenous but seeing themselves as indigenous/people of the land, though just arrived from Paris, New York, Beijing, Addis Abeba etc.? Is this an illness, and if so can it be cured?
ii. How is it possible to "stand with Israel" when the Israeli state commits all these atrocities? Massive sniping of unarmed civilians including medical personnel, media, children, old women and handicapped people. An Israeli prosecutor suggested community service for Israeli Jews who had stomped a black refugee from Eritrea to death which was also caught by CCTV, reported by David Sheen
Can it be the case that they really believe that they are a different species as their religion tells them?
iii. Jews who do condemn Israel won't still not alert the Non-Jew about the criminality of Judaism. I've reached out to Tony Greenstein, Gilad Atzmon, Rebecca Wilkomerson at Jewish Voice for Peace, to the Jewish Forward, to Mondoweiss who are humanists but it seems that none will ever touch Judaism and if they write some critique where rabbis are involved it is spun as the personal opinions of the rabbi without mentioning the +2000 years of consensus in mountains of commentaries on the Talmud. There seems to be the case that Jewish humanists are ready to expose and critique anything regarding Israel except what Judaism really says about the Non-Jew and I argue that if the Non-Jew really found out about the incitement against him he wouldn't have the slightest of sympathy for Israel and would demand sanctions against this terrorist supremacist apartheid colonial entity, which brings up the concept introduced by Orwell namely "controlled opposition".
If you guard as secret something that would unlock the minds and open the eyes of the Non-Jew of the caliber that he becomes interested and searches for the truth and is immunized and able to see the atrocities and the racism in Israel without being susceptible to deflection by Hasbara artists who purposefully mention the Holocaust to deflect from Israel’s crimes against humanity , but instead oppose Israel with the same methods which history has proven to be unsuccessful, then isn't that a good example of so called "controlled opposition"?
I argue that this kind of selective anti-Zionism is really just an evolutionary strategy of World Jewry. Gilad Atzmon has coined the expression "anti-Zionist-Zionist", but neither he wants to whistle blow Judaism.
Your thoughts regarding humanist Jews who oppose Israel but don't want to expose Judaism as an example of controlled opposition?
Can “controlled opposition” be a strategy which Jewish humanists apply in some sort of unconscious mode, because they deep inside have a indoctrination that blood is always thicker or is controlled opposition always done by conscious evil masterminds?
See for instance Gilad Atzmon expressing his thoughts on “organismus”

Regarding the Holocaust
Organized Jewry has succeeded to hide the voices of Jewish survivors of Auschwitz who tell a diametrically different story than the horror stories we the Non-Jews have received from them. See "Holohoax survivors who tell the truth" and notice that people have flagged the clip of these survivors as "offensive"
Organized Jewry have also lobbied for legislation which penalizes Holocaust denial with the end result the imprisonments of university scholars and/or them being sacked.
-Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom
-Prof. Faurison
- 90-year old intellectual Ursula Haverbecke (in jail as today)
-80 year old attorney Horst Mahler (10 years in prison, still in jail)
-French historian Vincent Renouyard (released?)
-Attorney Sylvia Stolz jailed twice
She says that Organized Jewry has destroyed the justice system here. Lawyers are not allowed to present evidence!
-Ernest Zundel the German Canadian business man, anti-war activist and Holocaust historian was persecuted by your government. He is now deceased, so his site cannot be up to date, but it contains a compilation of jailed Holocaust scholars. Multiple prison sentences. See him on YouTube
-Germar Rudolph, a German chemist at Max-Planck Institute. Did a chemical analysis on the plaster and brickwork of the alleged gas chambers to detect residues of cyanide. Found none. Three out of three investigations have found no traces of the very stable compund cyanide forms with plaster and brick work. (Leuchter report, Rudolf report and the investigation by Polish autorities)
There are no forensic evidence whatsoever regarding the 6 million Jews narrative, gas chambers etc. Everything is based on selective survivor testimonies and confessions obtained by torture.
Organized Jewry has succeeded to propagate the fallacy that "People who don't believe in the Holocaust do so because they hate Jews and want to exterminate them". I admit that I believed this, and I hated holocaust deniers for this.
i. How did they pull this off? Is there such a thing as trauma-based brainwashing?
I have read something that if you want people to believe something impossible you have to chock them first and put them out of balance then they are ready to accept almost anything, or is it just stupidity?
ii. What can humanity do to repair the damage? Can this be reversed?
iii. I don't ask you to state your position on the Holocaust, but I ask you to elaborate on the consequences you think that you would face if you as a scientist would dare to state it openly.
Kindest regards,
Lasse Karagiannis, Sweden 2018-12-30
lasse.l.karagiannis gmail
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2018.11.09 07:00 iminterestingplease Part 39

I'm back. Although, did you even notice I was gone? I wasn't able to update or post for about two weeks cause I didn't have access to do posting of any kind but I'm back now and I must say, it felt relaxing to be honest. It cleared my head a little. But now, here we are. I'm back and ready for what comes next.
Add-On: Do you remember the history of Daylight Saving Time, how it works, and the time difference between Hawaii and California being different?
6457.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Imelda Marcos dying?
6458.(Movie Quote change.)"I must break you."/"I must rake you."/"I must rape you."
6459.(Famous Actor name change.)Robert Deniro/Robert DeNiro/Robert De Niro
6460.(Song name change.)Bicycle/Bicycle Race(Does the bike bell sound different?)
6461.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being motor scooters in the early 1900's?
6462.(Candy name change.)Tiny Tarts/Tarts 'N Tinys/Tarts N' Tinys(Other names?)(Does the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Sunny days." instead of "Sunny day." being sung in the Sesame Street theme song?(Lots of small song changes.)(Cum(Come?)On Feel The Noize/Noise?)by Quiet Riot lyrics have changed?)(Come On Feel The Illinois/Come On! Feel The Illinoise)(Do any of any of their logos look off?)(The episode of The Honeymooners titled The Man From Space has inconsistent air dates its listed under.)(Multiple realities of The Man With The Yellow Hat's tie.)(Jimmie Rodgers/Jimmy Rogers)(Other spellings?)(Jimmy Rogers/Jimmie Rodgers)(Other spellings?)(Did both singers have the same name?)(Grover went from originally brown to greenish brown.)(Anything else off?)(Lots of weird old history of Sesame Street.)(There was no longer a champagne glass or anything similar to that on the Titanic.)(Anything else off?)(Lots of weird colored frogs.)(More weird sea creatures.)(TV glasses similar to Google Glass go back to the 1960's.)(The history of the invention of the sewing machine and zipper involves idea stealing.)(Have you heard of a Novella?)(Gardener Snake/Garter Snake)(More weird statues and art like the Mickey Mouse statue popping up.)(Nazi Bell time travel device now exists.)(Mark 1 and Mark 2 Colossus code breakers now exist.)(The history of submarines keeps changing and getting older.)(Did Ice Cube not exist for you?)(Dino from The Flintstones is depicted in colors other than purple now.)(Tishue/Tissue)(Other spellings?)(Ishue/Issue)(EbeneezeEbenezer)(Other spellings?)(ShoogeSugar)(Other spellings?)(Shure/Sure)(Other spellings?)(Many famous sports games have changed.)(Brian McFarland/Brian MacFarlane)(Curious&CuriouseCuriouser and Curiouser)(Phantom sand in shoes or raindrops or mosquitoes that aren't there.)(The Statue Of Liberty is invisible in a couple Google Street View photos.)(Many new realities of Doc Martens such as Doc Maartens.)(Many new realities of Claire's such as Claire's Boutiques and Claire's Accessories.)(Lots of Einstein and Picasso history is off or new due to them living later among other things lasting longer.)(Lemmon/Lemon)(Leonardo DeCaprio/Leonardo DiCaprio)(Sasha Aaron Cowan/Sacha Baron Cohen)(Multiple Winn-Dixie logos have touching letters.)(Many scenes and movie quotes in Hudson Hawk have changed.)(Kick Out The Jams by The Presidents Of The United States Of America(Presidents Of The United States Of America?)has had many lyric changes.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Many changes to the color Blue.)(Weird pyramid found in 2003.)(Many new realities for the song lyrics to One and do you remember The Beatles singing it?)(Anything else off?)(Sirus XM/SiriusXM)(Telephone switchboard that goes far back as the late 1800's.)(Louisiana now has little finger-like ridges on it.)(Lots of weird early The Flintstones history.)(iRobot logo has changed.)(Internet Explorer logo keeps changing and history too.)(Grapes come in all colors.)(Lots of anime Mandela effects.)(Pixie Sticks/Pixy Stix)(Mozilla Firefox logo keeps changing and history too.)(You can survive longer without food and much longer without water.)(Eternal flames now exist.)(The full version of the Speedway jingle which is "Around the corner, around the country, at work or play, we’re on your way. The convenience stores of Speedway." is a weird anomaly.)(Anything else off?)(The Liberty Bell on the $100 bill moved.)(Toe knuckles now exist.)(Laurel & Hardy footage in color from 1956.)(Lots of new and weird moon phases.)(DolloDollar)(The great Kanto earthquake of 1923 is now a thing and many similar things happened in that same place at the same time.)(Was the music note that made people in South Park poop the Brown Sound, Brown Note, or Brown Noise?)(Have you heard of the Battle Of Loudon Hill?)(Dave Thomas who founded Wendy's used to work at KFC.)(War Of The Worlds/The War Of The Worlds or was it the other way around?)(Has the Lizzie Borden story changed again?)(The Running Man/Running Man or was it the other way around?)(Dolphins can recognize their own reflection and will protect humans in danger.)(Chocolate milk was considered medicine in the 1600's.)(People now treated the Kaleidoscope in the 1800's the way we treat phones today.)(Cuttlefish can change colors.)(Has the Lincoln Memorial changed again?)(Sony Walkman from 1979 and other advanced 1970's technology.)(Are Christmas Eve boxes new for you?)(Atretochoana Eiselti is now a thing.)(More Break My Stride lyric changes.)(Tinker Toys/Tinker Toy)(Does the logo look off?)(Stop signs apparently used to be yellow and had black letters or do you remember black letters on the red ones?)(Anything else off?)(Does the Columbia House logo look off?)(Scotty McCreedy/Scotty McCreery)(Rats will actually stand up to larger creatures like cats and the cats will get scared.)(Lee Mayers/Lee Majors and didn't he pass away?)(Mouse-deer now exists.)(Did Sean Conmery have a 3rd nipple?)(Smokey The BaSmoky The Bar)(Different or changed scenes in Groundhog Day.)(Squirrels roll around like cats and dogs sometimes.)(All birds have an oily coating to deal with water.)(Internet Explorer logos keep changing.)(More flight path times keep changing.)(More Penis shaped plants and animals.)(The definition of the N-Word actually means Ignorant.)(More weird sea creatures such as glass fish.)(Weird black and white pattern on deer.)(Maury Povovich/Maury Povich)(VTech Kidzoom/VTech Kidizoom)(Didn't Christopher Reeve die more recently than October 10, 2004?)(Smokey Bear history has changed.)(Is the Big Jeff's scene in The Terminator off?)(Medieval torture wasn't about the iron maiden.)(Anything else off?)(Catherine The Great didn't die while in bed with a horse.)(Lizzie Borden didn't murder her parents.)(Nero didn't fiddle while Rome burned.)(Crocodiles don't cry but tears can be forced in their eyes.)(Some chickens have teeth.)(Old dogs can be taught new tricks.)(The Lady In Red stuff keeps changing.)(Does Tempur-Pedic keep changing?)(Hares never go mad.)(Cook's Children/Cook Children's)(Other spellings?)(GrammeGrammar)(Tornados/Tornadoes)(Ray Mysterio Sr./Rey Misterio Sr. and his soon too.)(Not his nephew, Rey Mysterio Jr.)(Ray Mysterio Jr.?)(Have any of the lyrics in Hurtin' Me by Stefflon Don, Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande, or Lithium by Nirvana changed or do they sound odd?)(The history of how Winnie The Pooh was created is weird.)(The UK speed limit allowance went from 3 miles over the limit to 5.)(Snot, boogers, mucus, phlegm(Is the spelling off?)and the color rules for them being green, white, or clear is all off.)(Dog poop no longer turns white after a while.)("Hi, see ya, hold tight."/"Ha, see ya, hold tight."/"Hai, si, ja, hold tight.")(Dolphin succulents now exist.)(Lots of geography related changes recently.)(Bending with your knees and back straight is now being called inferior while lifting a heavy object.)(Moulan Rouge/Moulin Rouge and has the pronunciation or any of the logos changed?)(Weren't frogs and other amphibians only found in tropical areas and not in snowy ones?)(A Muppets Christmas Carol/The Muppet Christmas Carol and is the logo off?)(Do any of the characters on the movie cover look off?)(The definition of the N-Word has changed.)(Do certain ice or roller skating moves look off or has gravity changed?)(Phillip K. Dick/Philip K. Dick)(Old painting has mobile phone in it?)(Ketchup was used as medicine in the 1800's.)(Window air conditioning was made in the early 1900's.)(Santa Barbra, California/Santa Barbara, California)(Electric ceiling fan was made in the 1880's.)(Microwaves were made in 1946.)(Electric dishwasher was made in the 1880's.)(X-rays were made in the 1890's.)(Dental implants were made in the 1950's and used in 1965.)(1st electric washing machine was made in 1908.)(Roller skates were made in 1760.)(Lots of biblical changes.)(Have you heard of UPS, Amazon or similar lockers that are used to get your packages?)(Fonzie beaFozzie bear)(The Santa Claus in Fred Claus is now holding a Pepsi bottle.)(Ultra Beauty/ULTA Beauty and have they gone through any name changes for you or not?))(Has the Lizzie Borden story changed again?)(Have any of the scenes in Cruel Intentions changed?)(BodYball/BodEball and has the logo changed?)(Anything else off?)(The Connors/The Conners and has the logo changed?)(Addis Abeba/Addis Ababa)(Has First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack changed?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Weathers Original/Werther's Original and has the logo changed?)(Do you remember Centrifical force being a thing?)(Tom Selleck is now alive.)(Do you remember snot or boogers or anything ever being yellow?)(Angela Johnson/Anjelah Johnson)(Were Anjelah and Anjela never acceptable spellings of Angela?)(Were certain alcoholic drinks like Brandy and Whiskey not ever used as medicine?)(Squirrels rolling around like dogs or cats.)(Mel Torme/Mel Tormé)(Lots of new plants.)(Latest videos by NeEd InPuT.)(The US flag being backwards on police cars, police uniforms, etc.(Indian barbers that use fire in their haircuts.)(Vanilla Wafers/Nilla Wafers and is the logo off?)(A lot of new references to gender equality through history and mythology.)(Lots of apparent myths.)(Mike Meyers/Mike Myers)(Michael Meyers/Michael Myers)(Robert England/Robert Englund)(Being able to have pets like big cats, crocodiles, alligators, foxes, etc.)(Do you remember Oliver & Company being released earlier or later or did it not exist for you?)(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Betty MidleBette Midler)(Was Bette never an acceptable spelling of Betty?)(Cheech Martin/Cheech Marin)(Willy Robertson/Willie Robertson)(Willy McCovey/Willie McCovey)(Willy Cauley-Stein/Willie Cauley-Stein)(Willy TayloWillie Taylor)(Willy Jones/Willie Jones)(Willy Reed/Willie Reed)(Willy Revillame/Willie Revillame)(Willy Moore/Willie Moore)(Willy Spence/Willie Spence)(Willy D/Willie D)(Willy Garson/Willie Garson)(Willy Edwards/Willie Edwards)(Willy Geist/Willie Geist)(Willy Colon/Willie Colon)(Willy McGinest/Willie McGinest)(Willy Brown/Willie Brown)(Willy Stargell/Willie Stargell)(Willy Maxine Perry/Willie Maxine Perry)(Willy Dixon/Willie Dixon)(Willy AdleWillie Adler)(Willy Gomez/Willie Gomez)(Willy Maldonado/Willie Maldonado)(Willy McGee/Willie McGee)(Willy Mason/Willie Mason)(Willy Carson/Willie Carson)(Willy ParkeWillie Parker)(Willy Wilson/Willie Wilson)(Willy Taggart/Willie Taggart)(Willy Randolph/Willie Randolph)(Willy Johnson/Willie Johnson)(Willy Green/Willie Green)(Willy Leroux/Willie LeRoux/Willie Le Roux)(Other spellings?)(Willy Smith/Willie Smith)(Willy Horton/Willie Horton)(Willy ShoemakeWillie Shoemaker)(Willy Degel/Willie Degel)(Willy The Kid/Willie The Kid)(Willy Davis/Willie Davis)(Willy Mack/Willie Mack)(Willy Nile/Willie Nile)(Willy P. Richardson/Willie P. Richardson)(Willy Banks/Willie Banks)(Willy Pep/Willie Pep)(Willy Snead/Willie Snead)(Willy Gault/Willie Gault)(Billy Joe Armstrong/Billie Joe Armstrong)(Was the male spelling always Billy and never Billie?)(Betty Page/Bettie Page)(Was Bettie never an acceptable spelling of Betty?)(Betty MidleBette Midler)(Other spellings?)(Betty Davis/Bette Davis)(Betty Nesmith Graham/Bette Nesmith Graham)(Betty Bao Lord/Bette Bao Lord)(Betty Frankie/Betty Frank/Betty Franke)(Other spellings?)(Scorpio constellation/Scorpius constellation)(Have you heard of Ascriptin?)(Lots of Roman and other influence on stuff in America.)(Blink 182/Blink-182 and are any of the logos off and is the pronunciation off?)(Leaning Tower Of Niles is now a thing.)(National Mall is now a thing.)(Frogs can come back to life.)(Wreckless/Reckless)(Did WW2 end later than 1945 for you?)(Foamhenge now exists.)(Lasers being shot from airplanes.)(Plants and fungi growing where they shouldn't.)(Mossy forests.)(The Skipper now wears blue shoes instead of white and tan pants instead of white.)(Leann Womack/Lee Ann Womack)(Other spellings?)(Billy Jean/Billie Jean)(Was Billy only ever a masculine name and spelled with a Y?)(Gilligan now has blue pants instead of white.)(Eddie Munster's jacket is no longer closed.)(Oden/Odin)(Lots of weird new natural formations.)(Birds can make big dents in airplanes they run into.)(Lots of small celebrity death and history changes.)(Doctor House no longer chews Vicodin(Vicadin?))(Connors/The Conners)(Anything else off?)(Ray Ben's/Ray-Ban)(Other spellings?)(Monarch butterflies eating more stuff.)(David Warner is now alive.)(More plants that eat meat.)(Freddie Mercury history changes.)(More changes to Star Wars.)(Many merging Disney movie logos.)(Many replicas of monuments.)(The definition of Negro has changed.)(More birds with feathers like peacocks.)(More different colored peacocks.)(Red Devil logo now has real red devil in it.)(More Mickey Mouse changes.)(Mary Poppins actress changed.)(Have any cursive letters changed for you?)(Reindeer boobs are now a thing.)(Lots of videos and pictures of things, and people that shouldn't be there or exist at that time.)(Wildstyle/Wyldstyle)(Jack Skeleton/Jack Skellington)(Lots of changes to famous rocket ships.)(Touchscreens in cars go farther back now in terms of time.)(New galaxy found in ours.)(Lots of spelling changes.)("Walk this way. Talk this way."/"Walk this way. Walk this way.")(There are blue stop signs in Hawaii.)(Ron L. Hubbard/L. Ron Hubbard)(Has anything in Huckleberry Hound changed?)("Love will tear us apart."/"Love will tear it apart.")(Joy Division.)(Do you remember Fred Savage having a mole other than in Austin Powers?)(Shirley McLain/Shirley McLaine/Shirley MacLaine)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember a day in the week other than Tuesday for Ruby Tuesday the restaurant or Ruby Tuesday's the song?)(Anything else off?)(Crocodile Skin/Alligator Skin/Gatorskin song)(Some countries pronounce Z as Zed.)(Other spellings?)(Did Jimi Hendrix not have a son with a Swedish woman?)(Do you remember luffa(Other spellings?)sponges not being naturally grown from seeds?)(Steamboat Willy/Steamboat Willie)(Lots of colored newscasts from the 1960's.)(Dark VadeDarth Vader)(Dark Maul/Darth Maul)(Dark Sideous/Darth Sideous)(Have you heard of portal Christmas trees?)("I'm in me mum's car."/"I'm in my mum's car." Vine.)(There are now blue traffic lights.)(Luke Skywalker now gets his hand cut off before he finds out Darth Vader is his dad.)(The wreck of the Titanic was now found in 1985 instead of later.)(Green cockroaches now exist.)(Blue mushrooms now exist.)(Purple crabs now exist.)(Hurricanes twist counterclockwise instead of clockwise.)(Many celebrity name changes.)("Our forefathers."/"Our fathers." Gettysburg Address)(Boars can be super big now.)(Purple sweet potatoes now exist.)(Whiptail lizards now exist and have only females.)(Rainbows can form inside clouds.)(There are now pink robins.)(There are now tons of different colored cockroaches.)(Deliverence/Deliverance movie and spelling.)(Did Garth Brooks never sing "Zat You, Santa Claus?"?)("Is That You Santa Claus?"?)(Freddy Mercury/Freddie Mercury)(Clever News/Clevver News)("Love that has no past."/"Love that has no path.")(Do you remember Where're and There're not being words?)(Sandra Bernhart/Sandra Bernhard)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember Bob Ross dying earlier than July 4, 1995?)(Pee-wee's(Pee-Wee's?)Great Adventure/Pee-wee's Big Adventure)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Pee-Wee/Pee-wee)(Theodore Geisel/Theodor Geisel)(Was Theodor never an acceptable spelling of Theodore?)(Was the Grinch never depicted with green, yellow, or red eyes in the movies or book?)(Do any of his other specials seem off?)(Ebeneezer Scrooge/Ebenezer Scrooge)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Traffic light colors keep changing.)(Were the things that visited him ghosts or spirits for you?)(Was the last one Ghost Of Christmas Future, Yet-To-Come, or Yet-To-Be?)(Anything else off?)(Glass butterflies now exist.)(Never Neverland/Neverland)(Was Christmastime always "Christmas time"?)(Was What're never a word?)(Did robins always have red bellies or lots of red?)(Anything else off?)("Thanks for the memories."/"Thanks for everything." To Wong Foo)(Is the logo off?)("This time we'll look at the falls."/"This time we'll peek at the falls.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(Fiberglass/Fiberglas)(Does the logo look off?)(Fabercastle/Fabercastel/Faber-Castell)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Every type of skink has changed in some ways very recently.)(Many weird anomalies with Mickey and Minnie Mouse including their eyebrows and many other characters from their universe and there are weird depictions of them on certain clothing found online.)(Everything about the word Vertebrae and everything surrounding it is off and with Algae.)(Happy Holidays/Happy Holiday lyrics and song title.)(Any other lyrics off?)(Do any of any of their logos look off?)("Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings."/"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.")(Does the movie logo look off?)(Human teeth growing on a human heart.)(Chapstix/ChapStick)(Does the logo look off?)(More lyric changes to certain versions of Favorite Things where And should be In.)(Many lyric anomalies in certain versions of I'll Be Home For Christmas.)(Massive cow is going viral.)(B.J. Thomas is now alive.)(Tina Turner is now alive.)(Geraldo Rivera is now alive.)(Tom Kenny is now alive.)(Billy Corigan/Billy Corgan)(The history of the Pegler-Sysco name change seems really odd.)(Olawalu, Hawaii/Oluwalu, Hawaii/Olowalu, Hawaii)(Black, red, blue and pink Christmas trees now exist.)(Chinese water deer now exists.)(Lots of other lyric changes.)(Lots more early tech.)(History of Baja California has changed.)(Did Ketchup and Catsup taste different?)(Other spellings of Sandra Bernhard like Sandra Bernhardt?)(Dr. Seuss used to draw political cartoons.)(Bended Knee by Boyz ll Men has changed.)(Toshiba Protege/Toshiba Portege)(Scattegories/Scattergories)(Other spellings?)(Does the logo look off?)(Parasitic wasp species discovered.)(Witch/THE VVITCH)(Other names?)(Does the logo look off?)("Every child's mother is gonna try."/"Every child's mother is gonna spy." Christmas song.)(Any of their logos look off?)(Rebecca Demornay/Rebecca DeMornay/Rebecca De Mornay)(The sign language interpreter that didn't know sign language that was involved with Nelson Mandela?)(Was Snoopy's tail white, black or another color or did he not have one?)(More weird Mario related logos?)(The Walmart As now have weird black spaces in them.)(Red Subway restaurant sign found.)(Has Candace Bergen's name changed for you?)(Tenrecs are now a thing.)(Siberian musk deer are now a thing.)(All Skittles apparently taste the same.)(Video of New York from 1907 that looks HD.)(The older Subway logos' colors have inverted.)(The Travel Channel/Travel Channel)(There is now a drum roll after the Joker says "Gentleman" in the 1989 movie.)(Rainbow grapes now exist.)(There are tons of different colors for Stop signs and there even using more than one font.)(David Bowie's pupils are different sizes.)(The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never use their weapons in the original series.)(They apparently used to all wear red masks.)(olaffhub8/olaffub8 Reddit user.)(Elvis Presley never sings Jingle Bell Rock.)(Lots of new clear videos and photos from the early 1900's to mid 1900's popping up recently.)(Ninetails/Ninetales)(Subway logos keep changing.)(Max Headron/Max Headrom/Max Headroom)(Other spellings?)(Has the pronunciation changed?)(Fisherman's Friends/Fisherman's Friend)(Anything else off?)(Portabella/Portobello)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Lots of other small changes.)(Weird things going on with certain Panera Bread restaurants and their logos and other things popping up and disappearing.)(Was Alive a true story about a lacrosse or soccer team and not a rugby team?)(Does the movie logo look off?)(Was Tigger's nose red or another color that wasn't mentioned?)(The yellow Jeep in Twister now has three blue lines on it.)(Does the movie logo look off?)(Trond Kirkevaag/Trond Kirkvaag)(Other spellings?)(Tom Foggerty died much earlier than September 6, 1990 and not of AIDS.)("Mangled in tangled up knots."/"Mangled in tangled up knot.")(Has the female reproductive system changed even more?)(Do you remember Paul McCartny or MacCartny?)(John Lenon/John Lennon)(Jack Lenon/Jack Lemmon)(Is the Zagnut logo off?)(Have you heard of it?)(Do you remember the Pokémon Slowpoke having an all pink tail or a pink tail with a white tip?)(Do you remember McDonald's never using green arches?)(Ridiculously large chicken and lots of other large and weird colored and feathered and fur-like covered chickens and cows too.)(Golden nub nosed monkey.)(I Would Love To Change The World/I'd Love To Change The World)("I would love to change the world."/"I love to change the world.")(Other lyrics?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Do you remember 666 being the worst number instead of 616?)("It's no stranger to you or me."/"Some stranger to you and me.")(Other lyrics?)(Marvin Gaye Sr./Marvin Gay Sr.)(Peter WagonePorter Wagoner)(Anything about these musical myths off?)(Link below.)(Roseanne Cash/Rosanne Cash)(Was I'd not a word?)(Everything with the word I'd has changed.)(Do you remember The Beatles album Yellow Submarine not existing?)(Colorful pebble beaches and other bodies of water.)(Marilyn Monroe had a half sister.)(Jackie Stallone is now alive.)(Does she look weird?)(Fish covered in tattoos.)(Lots of new proof of giants found above and underwater?)(Lots of weird "giant" statues and natural wonders.)(Are whale sharks new or off to you?)(Do you remember Hal Smith dying earlier or later than January 28, 1994?)(Has Pinball Wizard changed at all?)("I've had the time of my life."/"I had the time of my life.")("And I've never felt this way before."/"No I've never felt like this before.")("This is true."/"It's true."/"It's the truth.")(Other lyrics?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Pretty much anything having to do with cars and similar stuff goes back way farther than you thought it did.)(Do you remember groups of geese not being called gaggles?)(Tina Turner and most female celebrities looking masculine or are they actually men and most male celebrities looking feminine or are they actually women?)(Lots of newscasters and politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton freezing up and acting weird and Wendy Williams, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Bruce Willis, Mariah Carey, Eminem, 2 Chainz, Britney Spears, Shaquille O'Neal, Al Roker, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Kourtney Kardashian, Jalen Brown, Kylie Jenner, Amanda Bynes, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Conor McGregor and Cardi B as well as many others including regular people who are caught on camera.)(Lots of weird stuff about traffic lights.)(Do you remember olaffub8 having a different name other than the ones I mentioned?)(Bugs Bunny is depicted with white, orange, yellow, and pink ears.)(Which do you remember?)(Cross between TV and telephone, and TV and being able to order stuff with a button on the TV from old ads.)(Lots of rare moon phases and sun phases and skies recently.)(Have you heard of the word Gaggle?)(Thresh Hold/Threshhold/Threshold)(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Do you remember Jael Strauss dying before December 4, 2018?)(More new harmful caterpillars and other types?)(Nanshe the Goddess Of Social Justice And Divination?)(Divinenation?)(Anything else off?)(Does Marvin The Martian look different?)(Did the Sahara not turn green and back every few thousand years for you?)(Other spellings of Scattergories?)(Geraldo Riviera/Geraldo Rivera)(Pearls come in colors other than white.)(Other spellings of Billy Corgan?)(See's Candy/See's Candies)(Does the logo look off?)
6463.(Product name change.)Little Tree/Little Trees
6464.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember hammering coins into trees to make wishes not being a thing?
6465.(Product name change.)Soft & Dry/Soft & Dri(Other names?)(Does the logo look off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the poppies in The Wizard Of Oz being a different color?("Poppies will make them sleep."/"Poppies will put them to sleep.")(Anything else off?)
6466.(Store Logo change.)Do you remember there being a dash in Winn-Dixie instead of a check mark?(Buy-Low/Bi-Lo)(Does the dash in Bi-Lo look off in any way?)
6467.(Music Lyrics change.)"Stick to the rivers and the streams."/"Stick to the rivers and the lakes."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6468.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the New Holland Agriculture logo not having connected letters?(Do any of the other logos look off?)
6469.(Date change.)Do you remember the Jared Fogle incident happening 8-10 years ago instead of 2015?
6470.(Famous First Lady name change.)Dolly Madison/Dolley Madison
6471.(Famous Journalist name change.)Lisa Lang/Lisa Ling
6472.(Album name change.)By Any Means Necessary/By All Means Necessary(Do any of their logos look off?)
6473.(Famous Musician name change.)The Velvet Frog/The Velvet Fog(Album too.)é
6474.(T.V. Show name change.)Rocco's Modern Life/Rocko's Modern Life(Does the logo look off?)
6475.(Famous Country Singer name change.)Jeanie Seeley/Jeannie Seely(Other spellings?)
6476.(Art name change.)Art-O-Matic/Art-O-Mat
6477.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the tags on mattresses and pillows saying nobody can remove them and never clarifying that only the consumer could remove them?
6478.(Music Lyrics change.)"As a river flows gently to the sea."/"Like a river flows surely to the sea."(I Can't Help Falling In Love With You/Can't Help Falling In Love)
6479.(Famous Director name change.)Brian Depalma/Brian DePalma/Brian De Palma
6480.(Auto Shop name change.)Pep Boys/Pep Auto Supplies/Pep Boys Auto(Do any of the logos look off?)
6481.(Music Lyrics change.)"You gotta lick before you stick it."/"You gotta lick it before we kick it."(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos look off?)(Is the movie quote and song from Booty Call off as well?)
6482.(Music Lyrics change.)"He makes my bath time so much fun."/"You make bath time lots of fun."(Rubber Ducky/Rubber Duckie)(Was Ducky never spelled Duckie?)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
6483.(Movie name change.)Bickford Shmeckler's Book Of Cool Ideas/Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas(Do any of the logos look off?)
6484.(Popsicle name change.)Push Pops/Push-Up
6485.(Quote change.)"Sit Boo Boo, sit. Good dog."/"Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog."
6486.(Famous First Lady name change.)Melanie Trump/Melania Trump
6487.(Phantom quote.)Do you remember Neil Armstrong saying "Good luck Mr. Gorsky." while on the moon?
6488.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rest areas being known as Truck Stops and not Service Stations or Travel Centers?
6489.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More geography changes, wind path changes and similar stuff, dog that can ride on scooter and dogs that can do similar stuff and that act smarter than they should, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana liked to wear dresses and more men wearing dresses further back, more untouched tribes and history changes, horses look completely different and there lots of new types of them and some have weird manes and tails, more freshwater jellyfish lakes and friendly jellyfish, Ringtail is a common animal in Arizona, "Ancient Earth" found under Antarctica, self-cloning lizard found in Vietnam, metamorphosis process for caterpillars now involves melting instead of just changing, physicists slow speed of light, slow dust devil, more new history of people coming to America before Columbus, three Mormon wars, strange Nikola Tesla tower and more weird Tesla history and his existence in general, gladiators rarely fought to the death and more new gladiator history, koalas are starting to look different and babies too, the city of Atlantis is now a continent and more new supposed history on Atlantis, St. Elmo's fire is real and its existence is new, cave lit by glowing worms, Antarctic volcano basket, weird shadow spectrum, Naga fireballs, ice circles are getting bigger, crooked forest, structure in Baltic Sea, valley of falling birds, stonefish have switchblades in their heads and they look completely different, Buddha's heart seal, Budai, how Buddha died and he is getting skinnier, placebos can work even when you know about them, more Statue Of Liberty changes, more Mount Rushmore changes, more Shiva changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more The Thinker changes, more The Last Supper changes, Roy Clark died again, phantom myth that a cockroach can live without its head is true and other stuff, history of carrots has changed, Pando tree and trees that live for thousands of years, Arbudus Unedo, Irukandji syndrome and jellyfish and history has changed, Big Lots! logo keeps changing and multiple colors and fonts used for the logo and physical store, flower looks like a demon chicken foot, dinosaurs could have feathers and birds are reptiles and reptiles don't really exist in terms of what they are and lots of other stuff, gravity defying stones done by man named Michael Grab, weird Masonic handshake, Freemasonary/Freemasonry.)(Video below.)
6490.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin saying the turkey should be our national bird?
6491.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Walt Disney drawing Mickey Mouse?
6492.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 1929 Wall Street Crash causing mass suicides?
6493.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Richard Nixon being an environmentalist?
6494.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pocahontas and John Smith marrying?
6495.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Thanksgiving being the way it's depicted in school?
6496.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the founding fathers being Christian?
6497.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Abraham Lincoln being completely against slavery?
6498.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Battle Of The Alamo being fought to keep us free?(Didn't we defeat Hitler by ourselves in WW2?)(Did the Puritans move to the new world to seek religious freedom?)(Charles Lindbergh wasn't the first to make a solo transatlantic crossing in an airplane.)(Wasn't the Wild West violent?)(The Star Spangled Banner wasn't an American tune composed in the US.)(The martini wasn't invented by a gold miner.)(Johnny Appleseed was a real person.)(The Gunshot Heard Around The World wasn't the start of the revolution.)(Pirates still existed when we got our independence.)(The Supreme Court doesn't have to and hasn't always had 9 members.)(William Taft never got stuck in a bathtub.)(Washington D.C. hasn't always been our capital.)(George Washington wasn't the first president.)
6499.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Kinder being German instead of Italian?(Is the logo or anything else off?)
6500.(TV Show name change.)The Making Of A MurdeMaking A Murderer(Other names?)
6501.(Music Lyrics change.)"Four calling birds."/"Four colly birds."
6502.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being more than 2 Home Alone movies with the original cast?
Add-On: Do you remember the Starbucks Coffee not having a star in the crown?
6503.(Famous Actor name change.)Jack Nicolson/Jack Nickelson/Jack Nickolson/Jack Nicholson
6504.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Male kangaroos are starting to look more muscular and their privates are changing and other things, more King Arthur history changes, people can blow smoke through their eyes, stomach vacuuming, more walking fish and other things, belly inflation and weird stuff surrounding that, people changed their opinions about marijuana and other drugs randomly, graves' disease, dirty thunderstorms, more geography changes, Washington's birthday and Presidents' Day and what's official and what's not and other stuff, Columbus Day and whether it's federal and observed everywhere or not, more liquefaction stuff, 5 attacks on US soil during WW2, more animals that are only female or without a gender, researchers made mice with 2 dads, Danio Rerio, rainbows are actually circles, the last battle of the American Revolutionary War and other stuff, lots of weather changes in the Middle East and flowers growing in the desert, Jesus was a stonemason, solar system was another universe merging, category of earth's sun, 8-track tapes, tonsil stones, bark beetles and other stuff, horse itches head with food, giraffe(Girrafe?)itches ear with foot, Saddam Hussein(Other spellings?)wrote a romantic novel you can buy, lake turns animals to stone, more animals walking on two legs, naming natural disasters and other stuff, African gray parrot with red tail, Abraham Lincoln may have been gay, Australian sea foam, Mississippi River rip in the flesh, Torpedo Alley, Chinese pyramids are secret, Antarctic pyramids, hand gestures, walking trees, ASMR history.)(Video below.)
6505.(Music Lyrics change.)"And thank God it's our last."/"I pray God it's our last."(Other lyrics?)(Do any of the other lyrics look off?)
6506.(Music Lyrics change.)"And since there's no place to go."/"And since we've no place to go."(Let It Snow/Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6507.(Music Lyrics change.)"I come from the land down under."/"I come from a land down under."(Other lyrics?)(Land Down UndeDown Under)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6508.(Famous Politician name change.)F. W. Deklerk/F. W. DeKlerk/F. W. deKlerk/F. W. de Klerk(Frederick William/Frederik Willem)(Were Frederik and Frederic never acceptable spellings of Frederick?)(Other spellings?)
6509.(Famous Actor name change.)John Delancie/John DeLancie/John De Lancie/John de Lancie(Other spellings?)
6510.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Blood types that are more common or new and other weird stuff about them, Sysco logo keeps changing, weird stuff surrounding the mouse deer, Watusi bull with enormous horns and some think they've gotten bigger and other stuff surrounding his existence and the bulls in general, new info about the famous Alcatraz escapes and history changes, blobfish keep changing appearance and tons of other weird sea animals, more Golden Gate Bridge changes, weird new old tower becomes country known as Sealand and these towers didn't exist before and weird stuff similar to it and surrounding it, Tartary and everything about it, secretary bird and everything about it, cactus bucks and everything about them, owls and other birds' legs have changed, sun-dimming experiment to try to cool earth, tumbleweeds take over town and are appearing in new places, Mount Olympus is real, butterflies eating and drinking more and more, more new DNA types, more weird cats and new changes, coconut crab attacks bird and other stuff, new island in Hawaii, Conch Republic and other stuff surrounding geography, forgotten New York fire, more Vitruvian Man changes, more Mount Rushmore changes, more Shiva changes, lots of recent strange waves, Statue Of Liberty original torch being moved, Andrew Zimmern was Zimmerman then Zimmer, Nefertiti Bust stuff, Crazy Horse stuff.)(Video below.)
6511.(Movie Quote change.)"Toodaloo!"/"Hello!"
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2016.09.26 13:27 favorius Assyria short story

After countless games ending in diplomatic or cultural win I grow tired and decided to play a domination game with Assyria (Prince, 10 civs, standart map and speed, communitas map).
I picked authority and progress simultaneously. Founded a martial religion with god of war pantheon, hero worship (faith and GA points on city capture), order building (morale and +15xp), faith unit purchase and crusader zeal (%10-20 CP, yields on city capture).
Meanwhile build 2 writer guilds and managed to create 3 writings (+15 xp total).
In the 14th century my small but up to date and efficient force was ready to take out the world.
I declared war on my neighbour Siam (who were co-religious so rip crusader bonus). They picked authority like me and also they had spammed many cities and units. Initially i took defensive and wore down his army for many faith and science kills. As my faith stacked I faith purchased high XP (barracks, armoury, writing XP, order XP and free morale as well as authority cp bonus) knights. From there, with help of 2 trebuchets and siege towers I conquered his 6 cities including the capital. Science, faith, culture, gold and GA bonuses were massive for my 2 city nation.
Then I set my gaze upon my southern neighbour, France. They were already at war with their own southern neighbour, Austria and they were winning. It was renaissance era and now I had tercios and cannons. I captured 5 French cities and liberated 2 French occupied Austrian cities. French was wiped out. Yields were enourmous with thousands of science, gold, faith and culture as well as pillaging enough writings to max out leader bonus XP (9*5) was unexpectedly sweet. For next policy I picked Imperialism and get the free factory and gold on city capture policy.
My next victim was Persia, the leader in score with some +20 pop cities. My siege towers, cannons and frigates with logistics and stalwart (35% CP on defence) lancers unleashed hell on Persia. They put a respectable resistance and they were numerous but hopelessly out-teched and out-classed by my forces. I captured 9 cities including their capital and they capitulated. The yields were so high that I was catapulted into modern age, discovering combustion as well as getting my ideology, autocracy.
To the west of Persia was the Zulu. While my workers were digging wells on newly discovered oil fields my army moved to newly captured Persian city, seperated from Zululand with a long strait. On the turn of my Lancers upgraded into Landships, Shaka sent ultimatum for my border deployment, which resulted in a DoW. One by one their cities fall to my tank army, annihilating his once large army in one sided combat.
At that stage of the game, a 20 pop city capture yields around 4500 gold, 1500 GA points, 1500 culture, 2500 science, 1500 faith. However now my empire has 25 cities and science and policy costs are so high, these yields are diminishing to 2-3 turn of empire production. Nevertheless, thanks to my conquests, I am ahead of Korea in science by 4 techs (others 6-8), and 8 policies ahead of 2nd best AI.
Soon Zulu will capitulate or vanish and I have to take Vienna, Seoul, Stockholm and Moscow to finish my domination victory. Currently I have 6 capitals (Assur, Siam, Paris, Persepolis, Ulundi and Addis Abeba)
My capital has Alhambra and a fresh LanceLandship comes out with blitz+stalwart+prerequisites (150 xp). Also I have Himeji and Statue of Zeus, as well as morale from religion Order and conscription combat bonuses.
I think this strategy can work in Emperor where player can easily grab early religion and St. Basil for reformation belief and still combat AI army. I have no experience for immortal play so I cannot comment.
Zulu are reduced to a single tundra island city, just waiting arrival of my 2 units for complete conquest. Still Shaka is a stubborn idiot, refusing to become my vassal even at this point. Unlike Persia, he never sued or peace/capitulation. War with Shaka was very profitable, as he was controlling Ethiopia capital and several wonders (Collosus, Sistine Chapel, Mauseloum and etc.) as well as I got monopolies on Wines, coal and horses from the vast territories. (I feel dirty) Also I got a foothold close to Russian capital, which will be of use for future offensive.
Meanwhile Austria denounced and a few turns laters DoWed on me. My landships are on the other side of the planet, but I was steadily building up a foreign legion/gatling gun army anticipating my next war would be with Austria as they dominate World Congress. At this stage, I am just buying units every turn from 2-3 cities, my gold stockpile is stable at 45000. It is 7th turn of war and I have already acquired 3 Austrian cities, one being 26 pop Klagenfurt, yielding 6k gold, 2500 culture, 3000 science, 2500 GA points and faith. I suppose Austria has 10-12 turns of lifespan left.
Edit 2:
10-12 turns for Austria were unrealistic. Their capital has fallen 5 turns after the update. They are left with 1 city.
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2014.03.29 12:34 BrainChild95 Forthcoming Dubstep / Bass releases - April 2014

Ez steppers!
After the success of the first forthcoming releases thread i think its about time for another one.
You can find last months thread here
Just comment below with upcoming releases you're looking forward too and I'll handle the rest. Although if you stick to this format*...
Producer Track/EP/Album Name [Record Label] Release Date
...*I can easily copy and paste it into my lovely table below
Release dates are desired but not necessary, if know the release date for anything that gets posted just leave a reply below it.
Artist Release Label Date Listen/Buy
D-Operation Drop Rockin Da Nation / Addis Abeba LionCharge 21st April Soundcloud
D-Operation Drop Free Herb / Rhyno VIP / Free Herb (Mikael Remix) Bass Philosophy Records TBA Soundcloud
J:Kenzo Ricochet VIP / Magneto VIP Tempa TBA Redeye
Wen & Parris Caught Tempa TBA
Proxima Trapped Tempa TBA Youtube
Biome Genesis Tempa TBA Youtube
Truth 30,000ft/Trenchtown Deep Medi TBA A/B
Thelem Haunted Harmonics EP Artikal TBA Nousless
Ishan Sound Namkha / Namkha (Kahn Remix) Tectonic 6th May Youtube
Gantz feat. Rider Shafique I&I Deep Medi TBA
Gantz Baby Face / Lurka Refresher (Gantz Remix) Innamind 7th April Soundcloud
Promise One See We Roll EP OpenEarz Recordings 14th April Soundcloud
Eese & Aztek Gonna Be EP Instigate Recordings 3rd March Soundcloud
Flowdan Ft. V/A Serious Business Hyperdub Late April MoreInfo
Plastician Ft. V/A 00's "Plasticman" material & remixes White Label? TBA MoreInfo
V/A Live from the Future Extended Edition Uprise Audio TBA Juno
V/A Hyperdub 10.1 Hyperdub 19th May MoreInfo
Duckem & Step-A-Side ft. Talabun Man of Prey Abyssal Audio TBA Youtube
Shiken Hanzō & VGB Recursion (1/4 tracks) Indigo Movement 7th April Juno
Rabbit/Inkke/Compa/Major Grave DJ Q - Trust Again Remixes Local Action 31st March Redeye
Compa Murda Dub (Welcome to Jamrock Remix) Killa Sound EarlyMay
Skream & Hijak Cimmerian Deep Medi TBA
District Roy's Theme / Aftermath / Tempest Chestplate 14th April A/B/C
Adam Presscott Music Technique Liondub International Outnow Juno
Mønic Habits Osiris Music TBA Soundcloud
KONVEX Antimatter Wheel & Deal 7th April Juno
V.I.V.E.K. (5 tracks - 2x12") SYSTEM TBA
Biome Cromos / Genesis / Delta / Lost* (*Digital) Tempa 28th April
Piezo Discipline EP Subaltern Records TBA
P.S big up everyone in the comments for helping with the list.
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2013.03.02 08:29 tabledresser [Table] IAmA European Engineer who moved to Africa to repair bridges. I’ve survived malaria, basically dodged an 18-wheeler truck falling from a bridge 15 m high, faced a spitting snake, and struggle daily with water. Last week I needed trash bags and learnt I can only buy them 90 km away. AMAA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-03-01
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Do you think any real difference can be made? I've been hearing of people trying to help the region for as long as I could think of, yet it never seems to get better. So I guess my real question is do you see any fruit from what you've sown? >"A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement.
>She had been doing this for some time when a man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!”
>The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied,
>“Well, I made a difference to that one!”
Answering your last question, yes, I do.
Great answer. You're pretty.
What thing have you worked on that make you most proud and why? Breaking social barriers.
I could spend a whole day telling you about interesting experiences I've had in this regard. One guy went and named his son after me just because I told him not to call me "boss" (context: I'm white and Africans often use this term for whites).
Patrão? Sim, infelizmente.
What's been your best experience so far? Pfff, where to begin. Possibly last week actually. I am a Bahai (that's a religion). I found a couple of fellow Bahais here when I arrived, and last week we were talking and one of them commented that he's been by himself (i.e., no other Bahais around) for years - he said "I was so lonely that at night in bed I would often cry". He just became emotional and was really happy that "once again I get to spend some time with my fellow Bahais".
I don't think most people can relate to it, and I could share a more relatable experience, but this may just take the cake for "best experience" so far. There are so many though.
What's been your worst experience so far? Either the malaria experience or dealing with that fallen truck / dead passenger.
The malaria experience was freaky because one minute I was feeling fine, 5 hours later I couldn't stand on my feet. It's a bit scary considering how very remote my location is (i.e., no proper healthcare available anywhere nearby).
Were you born and raised in europe with that religion? Where are your parent's from? In the Bahai faith parents don't "pass the religion" onto their children. Children are encouraged to make their own independent and free investigations of reality.
This being said, yes, my Parents are both Bahai (and originally Persian). The Bahai faith, meanwhile, is the first or second most geographically dispersed and diverse religion in the world (according to Encyclopedia Brittanica, last time I checked).
I'm non-religious, but my sister is Bahai. I went to a few meetings at the Bahai center she goes to, and everyone seemed very nice. I'm glad you found some people of a shared faith with whom you can talk. :) Your comment was so... inclusive. Thank you.
This is great I'm currently reading this in Haifa... Right next to the Bahai world center :) Haaa, awesome! Enjoy! Are you a Bahai on pilgrimage? Or just live there?
Cxu vi parolas esperante? Hmmm... no?
Are you working on a Bahai development project? I am not. However, together with the few other Bahais I've found here, we're trying to establish what in the Bahai community is often called "core activities": e.g., classes for children, where they are taught the virtues of generosity, compassion, etc.
A person who is also of Persian decent! Hi. Heyo!
Make sure you also teach them that 'non-virtues' (anger, envy, hate, etc.) are normal and don't make them 'bad'; just human. It's how we express those feelings. Making children feel shame for being human is destructive. Full on, brotha.
Sahba , I am persian and born Muslim ( althought I dont belive in religons ) , From one Persian to another Bahai Persian, I love you and wish you bests. now the question , do you do this for charity or is it just your work location , If you had a choice would you prefer working in IRAN ? My dear brother, I am so touched by your kind words. As you know the Bahais in Iran are very strongly persecuted by the regime. Just last month my cousin was thrown in jail - just for being a Bahai. So I am very touched by your very kind words. I love you too and wish you all the very best.
I have never been to Iran as I am also a Bahai and it's complicated, as you know. But I am very eager to visit the country. I speak farsi fluently and many stories told my grandparents/parents are very dear to me.
As for your question, I came here very much inspired by the Bahai philosophy of trying to serve mankind as best as we can.
You guys are beautiful. You're quite attractive yourself.
It's hard to believe even though the world is so advanced there are still people that are just... stupid. Throw people in jail because he thinks differently? It's far more prevalent than you know.
Thank you so much for such a detailed answer. I actually work with a development organization at my university and I've learned quite a bit about 'dead aid' and other reasons why most aid is quite ineffective. It can definitely be discouraging to read about and to see so much failure in an industry, but I still think that if aid is given intelligently to grassroots organizations that are working with and enabling their African partners, it can be effective. If you're willing to answer another question, I would be very interested in hearing what your opinion is about foreign investment in developing countries. Do you think that investing in African companies and buying African products would help bring people out of poverty? I mean, we invest in our own country's companies and buy our own local products to support our own economies, so do you think consumers could play a role in alleviating poverty by buying African-made products? Or do you think that would create more harm than good? I'm going to sleep but wanted you to know I intend to answer your question tomorrow. It deserves some reflection.
Overpaying for the 5 bags would've taught the same lesson without being an asshat. For the record, I'm not saying this story is the perfect example of aid for me. It's just a useful story for how "unorthodox" it is, and it sparks thought and discussion.
What are the craziest things you have seen since you moved to Africa? most horrifying, most unbelievable and funniest. three of them please, I want no stone unturned. Most horrifying: helping extract the dead body from the truck who plunged down from the bridge. His body was all messed up. We weren't sure if he was dead already, but after we removed him the police just picked him up like a sack of potatoes and threw him onto the back of a truck and took him away. I'm sure he died. That night I REALLY wanted to go home.
Most unbelievable: maybe the night sky. I've been here almost a year but I still gasp every time I see a clear sky. It's just... unbelievable.
Funniest: so many... once I asked a local if the rivers would have too many snakes during the rainy season (as we work by the rivers). He said "no, no, don't worry, no snakes in the rivers". Then, after a pause, he said "only crocodiles". Or maybe when I saw an 18-wheeler truck speeding down the road, fully loaded with cargo, and on top of the whole cargo was standing a... goat. It looked scared shitless, poor thing. I laughed so hard.
I chuckled at the goat story. Just picturing him up there all like "what the fuuuck" Sometimes I think of that poor goat and laugh. It was like 500 meters away but I swear I think I could see its eyeballs sticking out like "what the fuuuck". It was just so... FROZEN, like it didn't dare move. I mean, think about it, million of years of evolution could not have prepared him to "fly" 5 meters above the ground like that...
Oh man, just doesn't get old.
This reminds me of "Auf der Schwäb'scher Eisebahne" where the farmer wants to take the goat along on a train trip so he just ties it to the back and expects it to trot along behind. Oh my God...
Link to In an unfortunate coincidence, this happened this week: Link to
Why did you need trash bags? Did you kill a hooker? No. Two.
Tell us more about this hooker story.. Two hookers and an elephant walk into a lion...
What motivated you to leave a life of ease in Europe? "Everything is amazing, nobody's happy"
Other than disease and freak accidents, have you ever had your life threatened by a tribal solide gunman?; Are civil wars still prevelant where you are located? I've had a couple of incidents where I sort of witnessed the African fury, but fortunately it was nothing serious - just people being a bit aggressive.
Where I am, the war killed like 10% of the population and fortunately now, after 20 years of peace, the population is still very much aware of how precious peace is. Plus, the people here are generally very gentle and kind, nothing like stories I hear from other countries.
EDIT: a commenter below made me realise how "African fury" is generalistic and inappropriate. I tried, poorly, to clarify my weak thoughts here.
This happened to me in panama, wasn't a spitting snake (cobra?) but a mamba or viper or something, luckily the neighborhood gardener chucked a machete from like thirty feet a way and decapitated the snake. Frikkin hell!
How the heck do you have a working internet connection but something as simple as trash bags comes as scarce? I'm assuming trash bags was underlying for larger necesseties like tampons or homogenized milk? Good question. The internet of course isn't very good... but the reason why there are no trash bags is because barely anyone has a proper "house" where they would use a "trash can". People just sort of pile up the trash outside their "shack" and burn it once every couple days. Some items like this, that are so current to us, are not current at all here.
Where in Africa are you? Mozambique.
I've heard there's pretty girls in Mozambique and the sunny sky is aqua blue. And all the people like to stop and speak and that it's very nice to stay a week or two. The people are just astonishingly nice and kind and gentle and generous and humble.
Have you been in Mozambique only? Or you have visited other countries from Africa as well? Moz, Swaziland, South Africa. Very briefly though, almost exclusively Moz. Oh, and Addis Abeba airport... :-)
What's Swaziland like? I was only there for a couple of days - and before I first visited Mozambique. I can tell you that my first impression when I entered Mozambique was "omg this place is so dirty". Swaziland, in contrast, was very clean, neat, and organised. And the people seemed very... meek.
Random fact: Swaziland, IINM, has the highest AIDS incidence on the planet, at over 40%.
That's crazy. I remember seeing an interview with a kid whose parents were doctors in South Africa and he pointed out that AIDS was a constant concern - they had to be careful to never cut themselves when in surgery (obviously doctors are pretty careful anyway, but specifically careful), or go anywhere near a bleeding wound without adequate protection because the AIDS incidence was so high. It's pretty terrifying to think that if someone was injured and bleeding on the street and you had a cut on your hand or something, there's a 40% chance that if you help them, you could get HIV (I know it's not certain that if you exchange blood with someone you will get HIV, but it's still a high enough risk). Do you have to worry about that kind of thing in your day-to-day life? How high is the rate where you are now? Do you notice the presence of AIDS or are you just aware of inadequate healthcare in general? I've had a couple interesting experiences involving blood. One of them was when I took a worker to the local "health clinic" to test him for malaria. They test by looking at a drop of blood in the microscope. Since they have such scarce resources, they were using a single microscope "blade" to collect 4 different blood samples, from different people. And there was a queue of hundreds of people, so the process was extremely fast. So, imagine, it's your turn, they sting your finger, and then you're very rapidly presented with a microscope "blade" with 3 drops of blood on it. You're asked to put your finger on the corner of that "blade" so they collect your blood. If the guy moves his hand a bit while you're placing your finger, and your blood touches one of the other 3 drops, there's a pretty good chance you now have AIDS.
Meek? Adjective: Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive: "the meek compliance of our politicians".
Do you do HIV and malaria (and any other illnesses or disease) tests regularly, or is it only if you were in a situation where it's possible to contract them? Only in a relevant situation.
Did you ever have to bribe an official? Yes, I did! And I'm surprised it took so long for this question to pop up.
Officials asked for bribes 3 times. Luckily I managed to talk my way out of it each time. The amounts were petty, but the concept of bribing isn't good. In one case the police office was so touched by my argument ("Look, if you want to fine me, I'll suffer financially, but I prefer that than to hurt this wonderful country with corruption") that he apologised, promised he'll never solicit bribes again, and we became friends.
I am guessing you have witnesed a vast mojority of poverty and death over in Africa; when you talk about "I'm making more money than I would back home" ; making massive amount of $$ , do you feel as if you are an Imperialistic figure residing in Africa; or do you feel as if Africans think you are? I'm making more than in Europe, but not insanely more.
It's very difficult to begin to comprehend the poverty (and death) here. In the Western world unemployment is around 10% and everyone is losing their minds over it. Here unemployment is 80%.
We have a cleaner working full time in our office/home. Most of the time he doesn't have work but he works full time just as an excuse to give him full pay. So, you could say he is quite privileged as he at least has work, and a salary.
If he buys one loaf of bread every day per each member of his family (5 people), by the end of the month he will have spent about half his salary. If he buys one tiny fish for a single meal, that'll be 15% his salary.
Per month, I can easily spend 5 times my cleaner's salary just in groceries - and I'm a veeery frugal guy. And he has to sustain a wife and three children, too.
In short: Africans definitely see me as an "Imperialistic figure" in their midst. Of course this is only in the particular village I'm living in. In the capital, there are countless Africans whose wealth would make me seem a homeless guy.
Why did you decide to go to Africa, was it for work or something else? You ever feel like leaving and enjoying the conveniences of modern life again? It's surprising how quickly we forget about the "conveniences of modern life". In the beginning I struggled horribly with the water difficulties. Just last month I managed to take a shower (incl. hair) with just 2 small bowls of water and thought nothing of it.
I decided to come here because I felt strangely drawn to this continent. I wanted to experience Africa.
As someone with first world problems and showers costing lots of water bill money.. how did you take a shower with two bowls of water? Add moisture to a sponge with soap, scrub vigorously. Rinse very economically.
If there was a zombie outbreak, what would be your zombie plan? Surround my house with treadmills and wait it out.
Haha the best zombie answer ever. Thanks for such a great AMA. Best ever. Good luck in your work! I stole it from a recent post on /funny :-)
Opinion/viewpoint on increasing Chinese investments in infrastructure (and thus bridges) traded against acquiring land and resources? Very good - and difficult - question. I'll make my job easy by just pointing out that most of those deals are being done with very little to no transparency at all - which is a bad sign by itself.
Do you ever get depressed by the conditions there? Haven't gotten depressed yet, no.
What country are you from? I'm from Portugal.
What country are you currently in? What does that country need to do to improve it's future? I'm in Mozambique. As for your last question, that's kind of the million dollar question, isn't it... If only I knew.
What are the most obvious problems there? Social? Economic? Structural? The most obvious... probably poverty. It's so crippling. In a simplistic example, poverty => lack of food => poor intellectual development => few qualified workers => weak development of the country => poverty.
How long have you been there? How long do you plan to stay? I've been here for about a year and my dream would be to spend the rest of my life here.
Hey, do you have a mailing address? I am sure someone can mail you some. Oh, man, thank you so much bro!
As for me having a mailing address... yeaaah no.
How do you listen to music? Do you have an iPod/radio/instrument? If you don't, what kind of music do you miss? Before I actually moved here, I did a 1 month trip to make sure I really wanted to do this. For that trip, I skipped music on purpose (note: music is maybe the one thing I don't think I could live without). I wanted to really immerse myself, and it was a great experience.
I think I would really miss listening to music if I didn't have access to it. I currently have several gigabytes of music with me... :-) I have an iPod as well as music on my computer.
What do you listen too? A little bit of everything. A random selection: Little Dragon, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, RJD2, ARCADE FIRE, Bon Iver, Ella Fitzgerald, Rokia Traoré etc.
I've noticed that I'm a sucker for innovations such as those of Radiohead, as well as a bunch of Swedish bands (Little Dragon, Lykke Li, Jenny Wilson) and Malian music (Ali Farka Touré, Rokia Traoré, Salif Keita).
I'm an engineering student and am interested in going to 3rd world regions to help build power systems, water filtration, bridges, ect. Any advice? I'm going to sleep but wanted you to know I intend to answer your question tomorrow. It deserves some reflection.
You may be pissed at how poor my response is, but...
I don't think I can/should give you any advice at all. You have the skill. You have the volition. You don't need anything else, including advice.
Whenever you are ready to make the move, let me know as I may have a "moving to Africa" guide ready by then.
How does someone struggling to find essential water, have time for an AMA? :) Haha, funny enough the last thing I did before sitting down at the computer was go outside and talk to a few people and pull a few strings to ensure I'll have water tomorrow...
What kinds of strings did you have to pull for something as essential as water? I made it sound more Godfather-y than it really was. In short, the guard who is protecting the compound where the water pump is had (absolutely random and arbitrary) instructions to not turn the pump on. All I did was very humbly and apologetically beg him to turn it on despite his orders.
I've noticed that when a white person displays (sincere) humility, it can go a looong way.
Odd. Is there a danger of the well running dry? It does seem like a very odd order. I've been learning that much of life in Africa is like this. Odd, random, hanging by a thread. In the beginning I would worry about things like this ("might the well run dry?" etc.) but now I just go with the flow. It's easier.
What was the weirdest thing you've done/seen there? I treated the infected wound of a local, whose leg would've probably gangrenated had I not done anything. He would possibly have had his leg cut off or died.
While I was trying to remove the pus, the wound sort of exploded and the pus gushed onto my bare arm... I scrubbed reeeally vigorously when I showered after treating him...
How do you know how to treat injuries? you are an engineer. I have quite a bit of experience in wound management since I took care of my diabetic grandmother.
Any pics to post for popping? NEVER AGAIN.
But still, helping that guy take a lot of strength and kindness. Thanks brother. I don't think anyone would not help him, seeing his condition and knowing that a little help could save his leg/life.
What's the most moving/sad thing you've seen? When I was in the capital, someone asked me for money (a beggar). His tone was so sad, so desperate. Long story short, his employer wasn't paying him and he had no idea how to feed his family that night. The way he spoke is what really pierced my heart. Hard to convey.
I don't mean this in a crude way or derogatory way but what are the local women like? Can you "date" someone? There are of course a lot of cultural differences which can make connecting to others on that level a bit more difficult. In any case, I can't speak from experience as I'm not looking at the moment.
your story sounds similar to the plot of The Ghost and the Darkness. have you ever seen it? although... if you plan on staying there for a while maybe you shouldn't until you're back safely Thanks for your movie recommendation! I just added it to my "DO NOT WATCH" list.
Watch it eventually. it's about a badass european engineer who wants to experience africa and goes to a remote village to build a bridge. Awww, you just implied I'm badass... That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me, supdoc16.
Sup fellow westerner engineer in africa. I'm in east africa and work in telecoms. it really is the best thing ever (especially at night -- oh my the stars. THE STARS) but can be so damn trying. May I ask what kind of premium you're getting over what you'd be paid back home for a similar position/job? May I ask where in East Africa you are? if the financial crisis hadn't hit Europe, my premium would be about... 100%. But since the crisis has drastically lowered waged in Europe, I can say that I'm making 4 times more than friends in Portugal with a similar resume. it's not so much that I'm making a lot of money, but that they are making very little.
Question? Why can't Africans repair their own bridges? This country has 20 million people and is more or less twice the size of California.
Its main university (and only noteworthy university) produces 50 engineers per year.
Do the math.
What is the weather like day to day? Also, do you see businessmen buying property there planning for the future? Excruciatingly hot most days. Now we are in the rainy season (think that scene in Forrest Gump).
My last trip to Europe, I went for a walk outside on the first day after arriving. It was 15ºC out. I was wearing 3 pairs of pants, 4 sweaters, 3 pairs of socks, scarf, hat, and gloves, and was still freezing.
As for property, if the topic interests you, you can google "land grabbing in Africa". It's a full on thing. It's happening here like crazy. The government recently approved construction of a bridge to an island close to the capital, and I thought to myself "Hey, I should look into investing in some property over in that island". I soon discovered that every square foot of the island has apparently been purchased by members of the government - way in advance of the bridge project being announced.
Hows the wifi in africa? Btw... how the fuck do you get internet in africa? In this region, I haven't heard of a single place with wifi for the public. There are a few spots in the capital (cafes, etc).
The internet is surprisingly good where I am. I mean I struggle with the water supply, electricity, fuel... not easy to find decent rice or milk... the local market has about 4 kinds of vegetables ever available (onions + peppers + tomato + cabbage and that's it) - but the internet is pretty good!! Ahhh...
What do you do to pass the time when there is nothing to do? (besides Reddit) Durings the weekends I try to do some social work. Couple weeks ago went to visit some refugees at a UN camp.
But during the week, between a full-time job, just "making things work" (making sure you have water, maintaining the old house, etc.), preparing meals, and a couple of personal projects, not much time is left.
(You specified "besides Reddit"...)
Did you have a chance to talk with the refugees in the camp? What was their reason for displacement? How did the overall structure of the camp work, exactly? Yes, I did. I had heard that there were many Bahais (my religion) in the camp, so I was particularly curious to visit them. Having a shared religion kind of makes it easy to start a conversation.
They are originally from the Congo, and fleed the conflict there.
The camp is not what you'd imagine with tents, etc., but more like a "refugee town". You can see that it is an artificial location (since the "houses" aren't all bungled up, but sort of follow along a main avenue in the camp). Socially, over the course of my 2/3 visits there I've been able to observe that the refugees are quite destitute (it's particularly heart-breaking to see how their children have no materials in Swahili). Also, I was pleased to notice that the UN has a bunch of initiatives to help the refugees become independent (by starting small businesses). Many refugees have succeeded in this and have managed to leave the camp.
Are the antimalarials giving you crazy dreams? I was on Malarone when I was in Uganda and didn't have any side effects but when a friend who did a safari in Kenya and Tanzania had absolutely batshit insane dreams on whatever he was taking. I only did malaria prophilaxis for the first few weeks, then decided to give it up. Fortunately I didn't have those hardcore side effects. A friend of mine did though...
Is there an AIDS epidemic in the area where you live? I.e., the village/province? AFAIK, it's not any worse than in the rest of the country (approximately 18% infected I believe). Swaziland, a neighbouring country, has 40-50% infected - IINM, the highest rate in the world.
Ok. Context. Give us some background I'm a structural engineer myself. I work in Houston designing offshore oil platforms. :P. I'm sure you know there's a lot of oil/extraction stuff happening in Africa now!
But how exactly does one end up repairing bridges in Africa? Tbh, one just needs to look for jobs... In my case I put up a very extensive job search and through a contact I found this job. But I had limited experience and a very specific set of requirements, so it took me a while. But if you send your CV to some recruiters, I'm confident they'll hook you up with lots of stuff.
What are your personal living conditions like? Care to grace us a photo? I'm actually extremely privileged. So much so that I'm embarrassed to share a photo of my house. In short, I have an actual house (concrete, wood, tiles, etc), which already makes me one of the 1%. To make it more dramatic, it was recently renovated. It's not a mansion or anything, but I am extremely lucky with what I have.
Why did you move there? You could probably get less dangerous job where you live and paid more or am I mistaken? Other than that, are you the only European there? I moved here because I always wanted to experience Africa, and in some way contribute to the betterment of this continent. As an expatriate, I'm making more money than I would back home.
I'm the only white person in this particular town - but I'm working in a large project with many foreigners. The camp site (where all the other foreigners live) is about 20km away from me.
Follow up question, how are the people living there treating you, as the only white person in their community? Insanely well. It's almost uncomfortable.
An example: whenever I go to the bakery, it'll be full with about 15 locals waiting for bread, but the baker will immediately ask for my order. I have to insist that it's not my turn yet.
Do you have a exit plan if for some reason the government would destablize and another civil war erupted? I understand Mozambique is stable right now. But things can change quickly... Drive to one of the neighbouring countries (there are 2 different countries about 20h driving away);
Drive to the nearest airport and fly out.
The first option is probably the safest as the airport here has very small capacity and would possibly collapse too.
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